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District Office investigates Bakery Jatta - Sport

The responsible district office Hamburg center has stopped the investigation against professional footballer Bakery Jatta from Hamburger SV. This informed the authority on Monday. The residence permit of the 21-year-old offensive player from Gambia remains untouched. After a media report of Sport Bild By August 7, there had been doubts about Jatta's identity, the district office had determined.

"The district office Hamburg center examined the already existing and new documents, which were submitted in the hearing." From the documents available to the district office there are no reliable indications that would justify immigration measures, "said district head Falko Droßmann:" The Doubts about the accuracy of the information were not confirmed at the hearing. "

2. Bundesliga The case Jatta gets an over-swinging swing

The case of Jatta gets an overclocked swing

The sometimes confused HSV does well to support his employee Bakery Jatta, especially if the facts are unclear. Most fans do that too.Comment by Peter Burghardt

HSV coach Dieter Hecking reacted with relief and spoke of a "very positive development, which is wonderful, it is another step to take out of the sails all those who believed that something had gone wrong," said the coach on Monday after the team training: "It only reinforces me in the impression that I have always had in the story, I always had the huge confidence that Baka would not lie to me."

Jatta's lawyer described the district office's decision as "very positive news, which is a relief, but we did not expect it otherwise," said Thomas Bliwier to the sports information service: "I assume that the case is now closed and the case is over done with it. " Last week, Jatta had submitted a requested opinion on Bliwier as well as a valid passport and an excerpt from the Gambian birth register to the responsible Welcome Center.

Whether the new facts also affect the proceedings before the DFB sports court, was initially unclear on Monday. The 1. FC Nuremberg, the Karlsruher SC and the VfL Bochum had lodged after their defeats against the HSV each protest against the game evaluation. The trial of the Nuremberg objection will take place on Monday, September 9, in Frankfurt / Main. It's supposed to testify to a star witness.

"Now we have the right arguments for the DFB and the DFL and I can not judge the impact this has on the negotiations next Monday," said HSV coach Hecking. The German Football Association (DFB) announced on Monday at the request of the sports information service that so far no invitation to the court date was. However, if the clubs in question maintain their objections, the DFB sports court must deal with the facts. The burden of proof in this case would lie with the clubs.

The whirlwind around Jatta had triggered a report of the Sport Bild, According to the research, Jatta could have a past as Bakary Daffeh and be two and a half years older than previously thought. The district office Hamburg center and the DFB control committee had taken up then in the case investigations. An official procedure on the part of the DFB control committee has not yet been opened.

2nd Bundesliga booed for 90 minutes

Booed for 90 minutes

Doubts have arisen on the identity of the HSV professionals - now Bakery Jatta is reviled by Karlsruhe fans. His coach fears: "It will be the same in every stadium."By Carsten Scheele

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