News : DK Metcalf, the 104-pound NFL catcher who ran the 100 in 10.36

News : DK Metcalf, the 104-pound NFL catcher who ran the 100 in 10.36

DK Metcalf did 10.36 in the 100 meters with 104 kilos

One of the proper names of the American NFL, DK Metcalf, who measures 1.93 meters and weighs 104 kilos, participated in the Golden Games in Walnut, California, a meeting full of world stars and that left a spectacular level of marks despite being still more than two months away from the Tokyo Olympic Games. In fact, many of the proper names that gathered on the Californian track will be occupying podiums in the Japanese capital. As well, Metcalf participated in the 100 meter series and achieved a spectacular mark of 10.36. Spectacular obviously for being an American football player and without a specific preparation for athletics.

Against consecrated stars

Metcalf was ninth in a series in which the first swords of this modality shone like Michael Rodgers or Cravon Gillespie, both much lighter (between 20 and 30 kilos less than Metcalf). They won with 10.11 and in the final the one who took the jack to the water was Gillespie himself with 9.96 ahead of Isiah Young with 9.99. “It is a great opportunity to race with these super talents. I wanted to prove myself, being here is only worth it. I am a soccer player and not an athlete. This is what I can do, and I wanted to show it, “the Seattle Seahawks catcher said after the test.

His dream is to participate in the Olympic Games, but for this he would have to carry out a totally focused preparation for it and fight with world stars in trials such as the aforementioned Gillespie and Rodgers, Bromell, Bacon, etc.

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