News : Doha minimum festival at a beautiful premiere in Vallehermoso

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Doha minimum festival at a beautiful premiere in Vallehermoso

Sergio Fernández, minimum for Doha in 400 hurdles
Sergio Fernández, minimum for Doha in 400 hurdles

What a athletic night has left us the premiere of the new Vallehermoso track at a Meeting in Madrid that has had a spectacular level. Minimum rainfall for the Doha World Cup of Spanish athletes, the stands to overflow (more than 8,000 spectators) and a beautiful atmosphere that has been lived in the capital.

Maria and the ‘Bird’, stellar

Unique moments, such as the best brand of the season of an entire emblem, of the captain, of the ‘veteran’ of 39 Ángel David Rodríguez, the ‘Bird’ He has crossed the finish line in brilliant 10.39. Before, Maria Vicente, one of the claims and one of the figures already at his 18 most media years of Spanish athletics, has made a personal mark in long jump with 6.49 to open his mouth to the ‘noise’ of a delivered stand.

Sergio Fernández, first minimum

The first minimums and joys in Vallehermoso have not taken long to arrive. Sergio Fernandez He finished third in an exciting 400 hurdles and with his 49:14 he managed to lower the minimum mark required for the Doha World Cup.

An 800 of madness and with three minimums

Undoubtedly the best race of the night has left us a dizzying 800 and in which up to three of us have made a minimum for Doha: Kevin López (he already had it from 1,500), Álvaro de Arriba and Mariano García. It has been the latter who has thrown with the two Africans (Kipketer and Kitilit) as an animal and has finished entering fifth (1.45.67, best personal brand), but well attached to Álvaro (1.45.57, best mark of the season ) and Kevin (1.45.38, best brand of the season.

The Meeting has left many more interesting things. Perhaps the disappointment has come in a highly anticipated 400 with the Husillo-Hortelano duel last year in memory. On this occasion they have been far both of their best brands (seventh and eighth respectively).

We have also experienced a Final A of the 100 meters high level that has taken Mike Rodgers down from 10 seconds (9.97). World star Asafa Powell has broken before crossing the finish line.

Car returns to ‘liarla’

And the Meeting could not be closed without a shift's display Fernando Carro which is in a state of grace, which turns everything it touches into gold. It doesn't matter to his wand whether it's a 10,000, a 5,000, a 3,000 obstacles (of which he is a national record holder, let's not forget) or about 3,000 smooth ones. The Madrid, spurred by his people, has taken the test with personal mark (7.51.69) and with a final sprint mark of the brutal house, full of strength.

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