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Dortmund in the DFB Cup: No gala, but continue - sports

  • The Dortmund fulfill the compulsory task in the cup against Uerdingen with 2: 0.
  • First, Captain Reus hits with the help of his hand and then Paco Alcácer sinks a nice free kick.
  • Third division KFC Uerdingen celebrates the game of the year, Dortmund's ensemble still has room for improvement.

A good hour after the end of the match Marco Reus was in the mixed zone of the Düsseldorf Arena and told the journalists present how he had experienced the cup encounter with the third division KFC Uerdingen 05. The Captain's analyzes are in demand, because in the autumn of his career, the national player has learned to express himself eloquently and to put things rhetorically skilfully to the point. Reus spoke to the media and had pulled the hood of his black pullover far over his head. While the striker lectured, the young Englishman Jadon Sancho passed behind him, stabbed his colleague in the back and called to the reporters smirking: "Look at him, he is a very good player."

Bundesliga The giant through the legs

BVB vs Bayern in the Supercup

The giant through the legs

Impudence does not always win, but sometimes: In the Supercup against Bayern present the Dortmund not only a clever strategy, but also their broad-based luxury squad.From Freddie Röckenhaus

That Marco Reus is a quite passable footballer, the general public has been known before. But now the journalists also knew that the mood at BVB one week before the start of the new season is loose and solved. In the Supercup struck the eternal rival from Munich, in the 2: 0 (0: 0) Cup the compulsory task against the club from the Krefeld suburbs not brilliant, but all in all worked out sovereign - it could run worse for the self-proclaimed championship contender.

While the Uerdinger celebrated the game of the year and vehemently emphasized how proud they are to have achieved the same result against BVB, as a week before the record champion from the south, the Dortmund discussed what their so top-class ensemble still missing , Holiday in Uerdingen, everyday life in Dortmund - this argument could be summarized on this short denominator. In contrast to the Supercup Dortmund were allowed to rehearse in the Cup ever, what will come in the league season in the coming season regularly on them. While the Bavarians demonstrated at the summit in Dortmund the typical ball possession football for them, the BVB attacked early in their own half and thereby lush areas for the rocket-like recalls carried forward the men in black and yellow offered, other clubs in their tactical Alignment is much more restrained.

As much self-esteem and individual class as the record champions do not have many clubs in the first league, and therefore are from 17 opponents who are the BVB on the way to the aspired championship stand in the way, act about 15 as the Uerdinger exemplary vorexerzierten : Standing low, leaving the ball to the opponent and looking for salvation in the last third of the pitch, making such a tight net that the opponent keeps getting tangled up in it.

To break such a bulwark requires virtues such as patience, technical ability, passport security and clever running. All this brought the Dortmund not really convincing on the lawn. "We have to relocate the game more to the side, to play very broad," said the tinker Favre: "We have to play more between the four-chain, these depths we did not make in the first half."

It was not a gala

With Marco Reus had the Swiss in his analysis, a brother in spirit: "The processes are not there yet," said the captain, who took his hand to help in his 1-0 to help and was fortunate that it was in the first round of the DFB Cup there is no video referee. One must "run against such teams more, make more speed and force them to think," complained the national team. All in all, "we did not play it, but it was alright". Dortmund's sporting director Michael Zorc summed up the events in his own sobriety: "Going away, fulfill the task, drive home, job done."

A gala was what BVB accomplished on his business trip to the Rhineland, certainly not. But even if the pros in black and yellow fail to bring such a solid defensive defense network as the Uerdinger with fast ball relay and technical sophistication out of balance, there is still the possibility to use a standard. As the Spanish striker Paco Alcácer the free kick from 25 meters to 2: 0 sunk, that was a feast for the eyes. "There he is very, very skillful," praised Favre, "he has not only done that in preparation." The colleague Reus, who has developed a certain mastery in dealing with the dormant ball himself, wants to ask Alcácer "why he takes this attempt." He simply swings his leg through, he does not need any violence. " And Belgian international Axel Witsel joked he had whispered to the striker before the free kick, "this is like a penalty now for you". And behold, a few sequences later, the ball wriggled in the net. No question, with such an art shooter in his ranks, you can not only beat Uerdingen, but also win the big games.

Bundesliga full throttle instead of slalom driving

Borussia Dortmund before the Supercup

Full throttle instead of slalom driving

After the hesitant attitude in the preseason, BVB declared without excuses the championship title for the season goal. Only coach Lucien Favre warns against "not talking too much".From Freddie Röckenhaus

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