News : Dortmund in the individual review: Hitz outstanding, 2 DFB players completely fall off

News : Dortmund in the individual review: Hitz outstanding, 2 DFB players completely fall off

Dortmund in the quarterfinals: BVB in the individual review: Hitz outstanding, two DFB players completely fall off

Borussia Dortmund is in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Goalkeeper Marwin Hitz saved BVB several times in the 2-2 draw in the second leg against Sevilla and earned the top rating. Emre Can and Nico Schulz, on the other hand, had a poor evening. The individual review.

Marwin Hitz – Grade 1: Tested early, but wide awake at the Ocampos flutter ball. A little hesitant in one situation or another when getting out. In terms of football, it is much stronger than Bürki. From the 60th minute onwards, balls are placed on his box every minute. Heat is always there and lasts outstandingly several times. So he somehow scratches out a shot from Gomez. With the penalty and the 2-2 against En-Nesyri without a chance. And yet: Marwin Hitz is the clear new number 1 at BVB!

Mateu Morey – Grade 3: Defensive straight in the initial phase again and again with difficulties against Ocampos. But if BVB breaks free in the first 45 minutes, then it does so via his right side. Playful worlds better than Thomas Meunier. In the second half in the backward movement much stronger. Replaced a few seconds before the final whistle.

BVB – Sevilla: Can and Schulz are very weak

Emre Can – Grade 5: Immediately at the center of Dortmund’s defense. Very bad pass after three minutes, which allows the first big Sevilla chance. Then catches up for about 20 minutes. Then it goes downhill again. Mistakes the entire game over and over again. Owes a completely unnecessary penalty in the 67th minute. Otherwise with numerous dropouts and a very weak performance.

Mats Hummels – Grade 3: Tries to put the defense in order. But Hummels also has problems in the first half. Gets stronger after the lead and clarifies this twice with good positional play. After the break, the spokesman for a strongly fighting Dortmund defense. Throws himself into the duels again and again.

Nico Schulz – Grade 5: The ex-Hoffenheimer loses any playful component from Guerreiro. That is why BVB can hardly free itself via its side. In addition, defensive always with problems. At least present at the Dortmund ball win before the tour. In the second run, at least a little more stable at the back. Still a very weak performance from the left-back.

Thomas Delaney – Grade 3: Doesn’t come into play as usual because of his enormous physique. There are currently no offensive actions from the Dane. But then decisively involved in winning the ball before the 1-0. After the break, like all of Borussia, clearly improved. In the pack formation, he arbitrates cleverly and protects his teammates from stupid things.

Dahoud and Reus convince at Dortmund

Jude Bellingham – Grade 2: Often left behind in a duel in the early stages. Plus a couple of weak passes. Then he comes in better, also verbally counteracts the heated Spaniards. In the second half he holds up against it even better. His overhead kick in the 80th minute just missed. In general, it can be found everywhere in the final phase. Strong appearance of the 17-year-old after changing sides.

Thorgan Hazard – Grade 4: Much too hasty after 15 minutes when he puts the ball in the middle instead of locking it himself. Generally after a long period of injury with a lot of inaccuracies and hardly any connection to the game. In the 46th minute he forgives from twelve meters with a rich left-footed shot. Defensive as always committed. Replaced 25 minutes before the end.

Mahmoud Dahoud – Grade 2: By far the loudest Borussia. In addition to Hummels, almost only the midfielder can be heard. Doesn’t manage to relieve the pressure with clever allusions in the first half. But then Dahoud is there with a brilliant through pass to Reus before the lead. Comes into play better by the minute. Without Sancho and Guerreiro, BVB needs his game intelligence even more urgently. Shortly before the end, he missed the 3-1 in the penalty area. Still a good game.

Marco Reus – Grade 4: Quite lost on the outside in the first 30 minutes. He’s really good defensively and always goes a long way. His run before the 1-0 is strong, as is his submission to Haaland shortly afterwards. Improved offensively in the second half, but he still lacks any speed. Reus continues to search for his form.

BVB striker Haaland simply cannot be stopped

Erling Haaland – Grade 2: Does not get any ball at the front in the first half hour. Instead, it is more often to be found in his own penalty area, where he defends self-sacrificingly. If the host stands at the opening goal where a striker has to stand and loosely pushes in. Then he experiences the craziest five minutes of his career. First his sensational 2-0 is withdrawn. From then on he fails miserably. But the penalty is repeated – and Haaland cheats the ball into the box. Four hits in two games speak for themselves. In addition, an absolute mentality monster.

Felix Passlack – Grade 3: A good 20 minutes before the end for Hazard in the Dortmund game. Bites your way in, defends everything away. He can’t really help BVB through play.

Dan-Axel Zagadou – no rating: Substituted for Nico Schulz in the 89th minute.

Thomas Meunier – no rating: Substituted for Mateu Morey in added time.

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