News : Dortmund's simulation games with Hummels are being reopened – Sport

News :

Dortmund's simulation games with Hummels are being reopened - Sport

  • The announcement of a return of Mats Hummels to Borussia Dortmund is only partially surprising: A return of the former captain was already several times topic.
  • Now Hummels should not want to bellow at the FC with the expensive entrances to a defender place. Also, his relationship with Kovac is not good.
  • However, all contacts between Bayern and BVB should be highly informal. From the agreement on an allegedly already agreed transfer fee to the 20 million euros could be no question.

By Freddie Röckenhaus, Dortmund

If there is such a thing as a serious rumor, then this is a sample copy: Mats Hummels returns after three years at Bayern to Borussia Dortmund. Although it is teeming with tactical commentary on the matter, and even if the main protagonists of the Hummels return are apparently as arranged all abroad, on vacation or just on diving. The player himself is together with his wife Cathy and son in Miami, Dortmund boss Hans-Joachim Watzke in Italy. And yet it seems almost a settled thing that Hummels returns to the Ruhr.

The image was on the Friday with the message vorprescht and had refilled twice. Actually, the change was already clear, the clubs would have even agreed on a transfer fee. It was a message that accompanied great amazement and almost disbelief.

Hummels was for many of the best Bayern players in the second half, in which the Munich overtook the BVB in the league. His best games he made against the best opponents: in Liverpool in the Champions League, against Dortmund in the league, against Leipzig in the Cup final. Why do you let such a go? Hummels is just before Christmas 31. But old iron?

Video Mats Hummels reportedly before BVB returnVideo

Mats Hummels reportedly before BVB return

Ruhr area instead of Bavarian metropolis? According to media reports, Borussia Dortmund has interest to bring Mats Hummels back into the area.

With the additions Hummels should not want to fight for a place

Anyone who has been able to observe the liaison between Dortmund and Hummels for some time now is less surprised by the news. Already more than a year ago had circulated in Dortmund's insiders circles the information that Hummels want to take in the face of the then forthcoming commitment of Thomas Tuchel as coach at Bayern to escape back to the Dortmund Phoenixsee. Hummels had made no secret of his departure from the Borussia 2016, that Tuchel played a role. His relationship with the then BVB coach was considered problematic. When Munich reactivated Jupp Heynckes, the planned return to Dortmund was postponed.

Despite the recent strong performances of Hummels and his defender partner Niklas Süle FC Bayern strengthened in central defense by the world champions Benjamin Pavard and Lucas Hernández for a total of 115 million euros. Hummels has reportedly not the slightest desire to fumble with the two expensive entrances to the one place next to the probably set Süle. The expulsion from the national team, in which Hummels allegedly also with the tactical views of the coach Joachim Loew was cross, has not strengthened him.

In addition, they know in Munich and of course in Dortmund that Hummels and Bayern coach Niko Kovac has been said for a long time, no good relationship. After defeating Liverpool in the Champions League, the center-back publicly criticized the style of play. The eloquent Hummels packed his comments in public acceptably, but behind the scenes it's been crackling for months. As one hears in Dortmund, therefore now also the planning plays are rolled up again, which gave it between the BVB and Hummels already in the past and before last year. Only this time it will obviously be serious.

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