News : Double title for Ortega and Record of Spain by Pablo Torrijos in Ourense

News :

Double title for Ortega and Record of Spain by Pablo Torrijos in Ourense

Torrijos poses with his Record of Spain in Ourense / RFEA

Orlando Ortega culminated this Sunday an unprecedented double in Spanish indoor athletics winning the final of 60 m smooth the day after he did it in his specialty, the 60 with fences, and announced an Olympic project in 200, before Pablo Torrijos put a brilliant climax to the championships with a triple national record (17 , 18).

The final languished after five rounds, with the sixth title secured for Torrijos, until the Playas athlete exploded in his last effort: 17,18, third best world brand of the year and minimum for the Tokyo Olympics, improving its record of 17.04 of 2015 in Prague.

Ortega accelerates to make history

Ortega was the second slower in the exit of the 60 smooth (151 thousandths) but his acceleration allowed him to hunt Sergio López for forced marches. He won with 6.65, personal record, followed by Murcia (6.67), Pablo Montalvo (6.68) and Mario López (6.70).

On Saturday he had his third hurdle title with a record of 7.56 and, in the first round of the smooth sprint, his first flat race under cover in five years, had become the fastest Spaniard of the season with 6.66.

Without an international championship this year, after the postponement of the World Championships in Nanjing (China) for the coronavirus epidemic, Ortega set out in Orense to fine-tune his speed point and did not mind playing six 60-meter races in just 24 hours.

He will look for the Olympic minimum in 200

There were no surprises there. In the mixed zone, Orlando announced that will try to make the Olympic minimum in 200 with the plan to double at the Tokyo Games, although the priority will always be the 110 m hurdles, in which it is Olympic runner-up.

“One of my favorite tests is the 200 meters. We have been meditating with my coach. See if we have the opportunity to run one or two 200 races before the Games, let's see if we can make the minimum mark for Tokyo, and depending on the calendar of the Games we will try to double, although the objective, obviously, is the 110 meters hurdles, and then try to enjoy as now, if there is an opportunity to also do the 200 meters ”. The Olympic minimum is 20.24.

Guerrero and Jesús Gómez revalidate in the 1,500

Esther Guerrero and Jesús Gómez revalidated their 1,500 titles but, while the Barcelona did it with great authority, beating Marta Pérez (4: 14.13) with 4: 11.12 (record of the championships) after a long attack, the Burgos made it with much anguish, for a single hundredth (3: 49.08) about Ignacio Fontes.

Gomez seemed about to be crowned easily but he stumbled in the final straight and Fontes ate the ground until he was in serious trouble. Saúl Ordóñez came third with 3: 51.40.

"Suddenly my knee has sunk and I saw that I was not winning. As the arrival has been so tight, I have not even been able to celebrate, but super happy to take the title home, ”said the Burgos.

Valladares, the surprise in 800

The 800 final had an unexpected outcome. After a slow 400 (1:02), Mariano García changed strong and sustained a tight duel with the local idol, Adrián Ben, but Pablo Sánchez Valladares emerged on the straight to win the victory at 1: 53.64. The Galician was second with 1: 53.76 and the Murcian third with 1: 53.83.

Expourense's hydraulic installation track was still throwing great marks on speed. Daniel Rodriguez from Granada broke into the sub-21 seconds club in 200 meters (which now has 9 members) by winning its third title with 20.90, lowering a tenth its mark. Jesús Gómez, winner of the final B with 21.30, was second in the general calculation.

Bermejo dazzles

In the women's finals of 200, the Navarre Nerea Bermejo rose to fifth place of all time with 23.56 in the first series, but the solanera Paula Sevilla had a blunt replica in the second: 23.43, third of the story.

The Toledo Lucas Búa, recovered from a black year due to injuries, let the canary Samuel Garcia, leader of the year, was placed to rebufo and in the short final straight he snatched the victory in the final of 400 with a time of 46.40, his second best mark, one tenth less than Samuel.

Andrea Jiménez, a reality of 18 years

The 18-year-old from Andrea Andrea Jiménez, who came from beating Spain's sub-20 record of 400 with 53.48, went out “to eat the track” - his words - in the final, heard the bell highlighted and ended up winning without opposition in 53.73 . Was his first absolute title, in absence, due to injury, of the champion of the last three years, Laura Bueno. Carmen Aviles was second with 54.39, personal brand.

Under the direction of former national selector Ramón Cid, the reborn Teresa Errandonea regained the 60m hurdles title seven years after her first win. The Irundarra, who came from running at 8.00 in Madrid, ended, with a mark of 8.05 to the winning streak of Caridad Jerez, champion the last six years, which was now second with 8.09, the best mark of his life.

In the long pit Fatima Diame achieved her third title with a jump of 6.47 and eight centimeters of advantage over Yuliana Angulo, and in the height repeated title Cristina Ferrando with 1.85 against 1.79 of Saleta Fernández.

Ureña, near the Record of Spain

The Alicante Jorge Ureña, European champion of heptathlon, he obtained his third national title, five years after the second, with 6,143 points, 106 of his record for Spain.

After winning, on Saturday, the 60 smooth at 6.95, the length with 7.54, the weight with 14.44 and the length with 7.54, Ureña had closed the first day with 3,506 points, 60 above his record national.

On January 29, 2017, when he accumulated 6,249 points in Prague, he ran, on the second day, the 60 m hurdles at 7.85, jumped 5.00 in a pole and ran the 1,000 meters in 2: 40.06. Here he credited, respectively, 7.91 (the margin on the record was reduced to 45); 4.65 in pole (there it ruined their record hopes) and 2: 44.15.

Since 2015 he did not do the combined in some indoor nationals, in which he has not been, by injury, the champion of the previous two years, the canary Jonay Jordan.

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