News : DSV swimmer Jacob Heidtmann criticizes start of Sun Yang

News :

DSV swimmer Jacob Heidtmann criticizes start of Sun Yang

After the World Cup scandal at the award ceremony, the German swimmer Jacob Heidtmann has clearly sided with the Australian Mack Horton and criticized the highly controversial Chinese Sun Yang sharp. "Swimming here is an impudence for all clean athletes, anyone who stands up for clean sport, that's a slap in the face," said the DSV spokesman on Monday, "I'm glad someone finally arrives Set the mark. "

The second-placed Horton had denied after Sun's victory on Paul Biedermann's world record 400 meter freestyle on Sunday the passage to the podium, the handshake and the mandatory photo of all medal winners. "I hope that the mark is enough for the World Federation to realize that it should never be on such a stage again," added Heidtmann, who was 1.18 seconds slower than Sun in 18th in the 200-meter lead on Monday morning ,

The doping-biased Chinese, who in 2014 had been banned by the swimming world federation Fina after a positive test only for three months, threatened in September a subsequent lock. The International Court of Justice Cas reboots the case with a doping sample that may have been destroyed by a Sun henchman. The Fina had acquitted the three-time Olympic champion after a hearing in January, on the other hand, had the World Anti-Doping Agency Wada ("unbelievable and unacceptable") filed an appeal to the CAS.

"It annoyed me too, I can not really deal with it, because that makes you ready," said Heidtmann, who admitted that the matter in the entire German World Cup team was an issue: "This eats all in the team and everyone is glad that finally a sign has been set. "

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