News : Duplantis flies again and pulverizes its own world record!

News :

Duplantis flies again and pulverizes its own world record!

Duplantis, in his great leap from Glasgow / World Athletics

Swedish Armand Duplantis broke his own world record this Saturday at the Glasgow meeting of pole with a jump of 6.18 meters, one centimeter above the mark that obtained seven days ago in Torun (Poland). The young pertiguista, 20, premiered his status as world record holder with his second world record at this World Indoor Tour meeting.

Seven days after the spectacular jump with which he snatched the French world record Renaud Lavillenie, Duplantis was left alone today after exceeding the ribbon located 6 meters from the ground. No one could accompany him at that point, and directly ordered the bar to rise to 6.18, resolved to beat his world record. He got it at first.

Everything filmed for Armand

His first jump as world record holder, at this rally in Glasgow, was 5.50 meters, height that "Mondo" exceeded without problems. To skip the next one, 5.75, he needed two attempts. Then everything was cleaner: 5.84, 6.00 and, finally, 6.18. The American Sam Kendricks, current world champion, finished second with 5.75, the same brand as the Belgian Ben Broeders.

Duplantis is familiar with the best global brands by ages since he was seven. His father, the American pertiguista Greg Duplantis (who reached over 5.80 meters) quickly started him in the discipline and with six years he was already rising over 1.67 meters.

He obtained his first first universal record by ages when he jumped 2.33 meters with seven years. From there the best world brands followed by ages: At age eight jumped 2.89; at nine, 3.20; with ten, 3.86; with 11, 3.91 and with 12, 3.97 on the indoor track.

A meteoric career

Between the ages of 13 and 16, their brands wielding the pole were not world records by age. He jumped 4.15 with thirteen, 4.75 at fourteen, 5.30 at fifteen, and 5.51 at sixteen, to resume, the following year, by jumping 5.90 with 17, his record collection.

When he came of age, with 18, he became the youngest member of the six-meter club when he was proclaimed European champion in Berlin 2018 with a jump of 6.05. He returned to overcome, with 19 years, the wall of the six (6.00) and was absolute world runner-up. A week ago, with only 20 years, the Frenchman Renaud Lavillenie dethroned as absolute pole vaulter world record holder.

Born on November 10, 1999 in Lafayette (Louisiana, USA), Duplantis enjoys an enviable genetic background. Not only from the father. His mother, Helena, was a heptathlete and volleyball player. No wonder that, as he has recalled, beating the absolute world record was already a goal when he was three or four years old.

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