News : Dzmitry Ryshkevich is dead: shock accident! Paralympic rower (33) died during training

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Dzmitry Ryshkevich is dead: shock accident! Paralympic rower (33) died during training

Deadly helm accident before World Cup in Austria. Picture: dpa

An athlete was killed on Wednesday in preparations for the World Rowing Championships in Ottensheim near Linz in Austria. The boat of the 33-year-old disability athlete Dzmitry Ryshkevich from Belarus was overturned in the early afternoon according to police in the Danube. The incident had occurred 20 minutes after the start of training in largely normal weather conditions.

Dzmitry Ryshkevich is dead - Ruderer dies at just 33 years old

The fatal accident is due to a defective sports equipment. A stabilization device on the boat had been broken, the police said on Thursday. As a result, the boat was tilted. The 33-year-old paraplegic sportsman was a good swimmer, according to police. Why he went down after capsizing remains unclear.

Para-athlete Dzmitry Ryshkevich drowned before World Cup in Austria

The rower was overturned on Wednesday with his one in training on the regatta course Ottensheim near Linz at the turning point. He was able to free himself from the fuses on the seat and on his feet. Shortly before the arrival of the rescue workers, the 33-year-old suddenly went under. The forces could only recover his body. According to Russian media, Ryshkevich has been in a wheelchair since a car crash in 2003.

Dzmitry Ryshkevich died - oar boat was broken

The rowboat was secured. It turned out that one of the arms attached to the side of the boat for swimming stabilization was broken. The World Rowing Championships from 25th August to 1st September will also include competitions for the disabled.

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