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Easy and entertaining exercises to train the triceps at home

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The biceps is the one that takes center stage when exercising the arms, in many occasions. However, not training the muscle groups of each member in a homogeneous way can cause injuries and decompensated morphology.

If you are one of those who falls into error, pay attention to the triceps and don't always forget it in favor of the biceps. If you know what it is, what its functions are, why it is important to train it and how to do it, you will become more aware.

On the triceps muscle

As the University of Granada remembers in one of its complete files, the triceps is a three-headed muscle that is called vast, and occupies virtually the entire posterior aspect of the humerus.

The triceps acts on the shoulder girdle and on the elbow. In the first case, the one who acts is the vast medium or long, participating in the extension and rotation. In the second, in the elbow, the three vast intervene in the extension.

Although it has lost part of its functions throughout evolution, It is very important to avoid and falls and protect the most sensitive part of the trunk and head. Hence the need to train it correctly, although we tell you more about it in the next section.

Why do triceps exercises?

It is evident that if the muscles are well toned they will better fulfill their functions, but in addition to this there are two fundamental reasons to enter the triceps well. Although the area in which it extends is not as visible to our eyes as the biceps, the triceps occupies more in the total thickness of the arm, so training it is to favor good symmetry of this. Logically this will affect aesthetics.

On the other hand, we already said that the main function of the triceps is the extensor, contributing to fix the elbow joint well. In the strength workouts, therefore, having a well-toned and strong triceps will impact optimized and increasingly demanding sessions.

How to do triceps at home

Before starting, we remember some basic tips to train the muscles well, and we review the necessary material with some alternatives so you can execute your routines without obstacles.


The fundamental advice is that, since it is not a large muscle, even occupying a good part of the arm, You should not undergo an exercise that is too intense or exerts a lot of pressure. The charges must be fair, and priority must be given to the proper execution of the movement: optimal posture and adequate rhythm.

Based on this basis, he considers that you must subject the biceps to a similar load for a homogeneous training, so look for the balance between them. Look at the weight you take and the number of repetitions and sets, and maintain harmony between both muscles.

Necessary material

At Gym You have a whole team of machines, dumbbells, weights and benches to train the triceps in varied exercises. If you are starting, ask a monitor for help to guide you and, if your gym provides that service, it will provide you with exercise routines for several days. Ideally, cardio should be combined with the specific work of muscle groups for complete fitness workouts.

But not everyone has time or willingness to go to the gym. It is not necessary to spend money on the monthly payment or on getting materials that you will then use a couple of times, if you are one of those who do not have much evidence (although you should). Write down only two basic things:

  • Mat or towel. You'll have to do exercises on the floor, so you'll find it more comfortable to use something to lean on. Ideally, use a slightly fluffy mat or pad, but if not, a simple towel is enough.
  • Chair. It can help you to do your strength exercises, but lean it against the wall so that it does not slip and fall.

Too you can go with a small arsenal of equipment for training at home. We are not talking about machines that cost a lot and take up too much space, but about medium or small sized items, which you can find on your nearest specialized surface.

  • Dumbbell. The half kilo they can consist of around five euros, although it is better to get something else. As an alternative, surely you have cans, cans or food packages at home with that weight.
  • Fitball ball. Pilates ball can be found from about five euros, and helps to execute very complete training of triceps, pectorals or buttocks, among others. In day to day, helps to acquire a correct posture and improves balance and coordination.
  • Ring. We are not talking about a hula hoop, but of a smaller hoop and with supports for its support that are also usually used in pilates. It is somewhat more expensive, but does not exceed 15 euros, and it can also help you to train various muscle groups.
  • Elastic bands. Another economic element, then You can find them in sets of three for about five euros. It allows a wide combination of exercises to train, among other muscles, the triceps.

Don't lose your mind buying. Start with the basics and, if you see that you have proof, go with your little team.

Best exercises to work triceps

We propose you a table with things that you surely have at home: a towel and a chair. Repeat each exercise about 15 times and do at least two sets, depending on the physical state, leaving 10 seconds of rest between them. If you do them well, you can increase the repetitions. Don't forget to warm up before, so you can do some push-ups from low plates (leaning on the forearms).

  • Extensions with the inclined body. Place your hands on the edge of a chair attached to the wall and keep the body extended, straight, resting on the toes. Extend and flex the arms on the chair, similar to when you do push-ups from high plates. You should bring your forehead to the edge of the chair.

  • High plates. The placement is similar to the previous one, but you must rest on the floor and not on the chair. This exercise is what has always been known as push-ups, and you should have your fingers wide open and your back straight at all times.
  • Closed plates. It is similar to the previous one, but the hands are closer together, shoulder width apart. When you run it, you should keep your elbows close to the trunk.
  • Irons with one arm. You must register on the side floor, with hip and left leg well supported. Place your left hand on the floor, roughly at the height of the armpit, and use it to propel you and lift the entire trunk, taking it off the ground. Place the free hand on the opposite shoulder, the one that is furthest from the ground, so that it does not bother. Then you have to change sides.

  • Dips. This exercise can be especially hard for those who do not have much strength yet. Lean a chair against the wall, stand with your back to it and put your hands on the seat, with palms pointing towards your body. Rest your feet on your heels and keep them a certain distance from the chair, because what is about is raising and lowering the buttock using your arms.

In addition, if you want to vary, we propose an exercise with each of the elements mentioned above.

  • Dumbbell. Sit on a firm surface, like a bench, with your back straight. Bring the arms up, fully extended behind the head, and holding the dumbbell with both hands. Extend and flex the arms behind the neck several times. Anthoni Montalván shows you the complete routine in his channel.
  • Fitball ball. Sit on the ball and find your balance. Then, move forward, so that your feet rest on the ground and your hands on the ball. Raise and lower the buttock resting on your arms, which should be behind you.
  • Ring. You should stand with your feet open at shoulder width and knees slightly bent. Take the hoop with the left hand by one of its narrow parts, not by the supports. The exercise consists of take it back and forth and, at the same time, bring your free arm to the opposite side and change rhythmically, turning the face in each movement. Then hold the ring with the other hand to complete this simple exercise. The Pilates for the People channel has an entire video dedicated to the triceps with the pilates ring.
  • Elastic bands. Put the rubber on the floor and step on the end with the opposite foot to the hand with which you are going to work. Take a step ahead, hold the rubber well with the opposite hand and raise it behind the head. Extend and flex your elbow several times, and then repeat with the other arm.

Changing the exercises and muscle groups not only helps balance and ensure that they perform their duties equally. It also serves to compose more dynamic and motivational fitness workouts, something that you will appreciate if you have trouble putting on. Find the will and get fit. Hooks up!

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