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EC Bad Tölz - More teachers than motivator - sports in the region

Kevin Gaudet, coach of the Tölz lions, has never had such a young team as at his new workplace. At the weekend, the season preparatory games begin.

By Stefan Galler, Bad Tölz

However, the new coach is not working long with his team, the two weeks that Kevin Gaudet has spent with the ice hockey players of the EC Bad Tölz, but were very intense: Twice a day, the lions were in the past week on the ice, in addition sat the coach daily an athletic unit on the plan. The players had no problem with this hard phase of preparation, on the contrary, according to Löwen spokesman Simon Rentel they welcomed the burden "fully". Coach Gaudet is enthusiastic about the quality of the squad: "I am very satisfied, the euphoria, the speed we have is very good, we have a very good team in skating."

And some of the players are still in the middle of their training, as Gaudet makes clear: "We have the youngest team I've ever had - eight players are under 25. It's fun!" In contrast, his ex-team Bietigheim had been very experienced: "There I had several players over 30. Since you do not have to act so much as a teacher, rather than pusher and motivator."

Recently, four young players had regularly trained with the DEL-2 team, two of them are now in the first test matches against the Starbulls Rosenheim get their chance. The Löwen welcome the Oberliga side this Friday (19.30) in the Tölz Ice Stadium, on Sunday (17 clock) they will be guests in Rosenheim.

Following the departure of Marinus Reiter to Rosenheim and the injury of Niklas Heinzinger (Oberarmbuch), Gaudet last tested Manuel Edfelder on the advice of sporting director Christian Donbeck as a defender - and is so far very pleased with this experiment: "I'm very surprised how good he is that plays, "says the new instructor. Also in the two matches against Rosenheim Edfelder should prove.

In the tests, Gaudet wants to concentrate fully on his own team, with the system of the Starbulls he does not diverge: "For me is interesting only what we do, so I can watch me later on video, what we are good and what wrong have made.

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