News : Effenberg takes on Matthäus because of the Flick debate: “That’s not right”

News : Effenberg takes on Matthäus because of the Flick debate: “That’s not right”

Ex-professional Stefan Effenberg takes a stand on the unrest at Bayern. After an emotional monologue by trainer Hansi Flick after losing to Paris in the Champions League, Sky expert Lothar Matthäus suddenly throws Flick’s potential successor into the room. According to Matthäus, those responsible for Bavaria had already “talked about economic matters” with Julian Nagelsmann. The Leipzig coach had decidedly denied contact with Bavaria in the course of this.

“A few experts get information from their favorite partners and give it to the public. From the outside, speculation is ignited that is so far away that I can only shake my head. That is inappropriate,” said Effenberg in Sport1 -Podcast “My Bavaria Week”. The former Bayern professional accuses Matthäus of a lack of journalistic distance. The pressure on the coaches is taken to extremes by such discussions.

Effenberg: Flick farewell to Bavaria would be “fatal”

Effenberg continues: “We can always have controversial discussions, but you don’t throw something into the room that someone calls out to me. If I’ve heard something or have a conversation with someone who gives me information, I will still not pass it on . Because this person has to trust me. ”

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If Flick does not fulfill his contract in Munich and leaves the club in the summer, that would be the “worst consequence” for Bayern, according to Effenberg. “That would be fatal for the next few years. Because he is one of the best Bayern coaches in history. And Bavaria has a great history,” said Effenberg. The ex-professional has a clear demand for the executive suite on Säbener Strasse: “Go at full throttle and keep things quiet.” On Sunday, Effenberg will be the guest at the one-two as an expert and will certainly clearly underpin his position.

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