News : Eintracht Frankfurt: NADA checks Martin Hintereggers tablet intake

News :

Eintracht Frankfurt: NADA checks Martin Hintereggers tablet intake

The National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) has opened investigations in the case of Martin Hinteregger. The defender of Eintracht Frankfurt had in the 1-0 victory on Sunday against Hoffenheim according to their own statements a quarter of an hour before the end "got a needle". Subsequently, the Austrian was given a tablet by a supervisor, which he took.

"The Nada has perceived the scene on the last matchday and now examines the facts," said Board Lars Mortsiefer and confirmed a report by the "Süddeutsche Zeitung". For this purpose, the agency has contacted the DFB and the corresponding association. "Until the end of the exam, we give this no further information," said Mortsiefer.

Following the treatment of Hinteregger and his statements following the match, the suspicion arose that the scorer could have been treated by illicit means. He would have violated the anti-doping guidelines.

Frankfurt rejected the allegations vehemently. "This is a topic inflated, which is not one," said a club spokesman. "Martin Hinteregger has been acupunctured - that has solved the cramp," it said. According to them, Hinteregger received carbohydrates and magnesium, "which is common in this case," as the club added. There were no analgesics in the tablet.

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