News : 'El Justiciero de Strava', the account that denounces offending cyclists

News :

'El Justiciero de Strava', the account that denounces offending cyclists

Some cyclists are breaking the restrictions of the de-escalation

In the middle of Phase 0 since last Saturday, May 2, the ban was opened to train, one of the concerns of both these days is to control non-professional athletes who exceed the restrictions imposed by the Government on the outputs to do outdoor sport. The regulations are clear: from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. and from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. (for populations with more than 5,000 inhabitants), without leaving the limits of the municipality, individually and only one activity a day. All of us who have since gone out to play sports (I emphasize ALL) have seen situations that do not strictly abide by the conditions imposed in that de-escalation plan. Some will not care, others will resent but prefer not to argue and then there is another sector of people who directly disapprove of violators.

‘Justícers’ of the order

Inside this last bag are some anonymous accounts that have emerged to denounce athletes who breach them thanks to the applications that "portray" them. Because sometimes the desire to share our activities and segments is superior to thinking that it can be a tool to leave us in ‘evidence’ beyond whether it can be used as a real measure for the relevant authorities to act ex officio.

One of these anonymous accounts is ‘The Justice of Strava’ and he already has a good handful of followers on Instagram. For a few days, he has been in charge of tracing the public profiles of several Strava cyclists and hangs the images on the maps, tagging the Mossos d'Esquadra social network account. In all cases the athlete in question leaves the limits of his municipality and in some of them there is shared activity with other colleagues (remember that it is not allowed to go out in a group, only individually).

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