News : Eliud Kipchoge's most intimate interview for the Stockbroker

News :

Eliud Kipchoge's most intimate interview for the Stockbroker

Kipchoge attends us at the Stock Market of the Broker

For you to be called the ‘Philosopher’ when you are able to run 42 kilometers at 2:50 ’/ km, you have to be very, very special. Eliud Kipchoge has become an icon, a legend of the world fund and for many he is already firmly considered not only the best marathoner, but the best long-distance runner ever. The Kenyan managed to become the first human being to fall below the two-hour marathon in Vienna last October in the well-known IN INEOS Challenge 1:59 ’, which managed to capture the media focus of half the world. Despite not being approved, that day will already be for the annals of history.

A reference figure in the history of athletics

The African is also the holder of the world record for Philippiides' distance, which he reached in Berlin 2018 with a time of 2h01’39 ”. One of the strongest and most influential personalities of the moment and with whom we have the immense honor of speaking exclusively in the Stock Market of the Broker. Enterito for us. What is your favorite dish? How are you doing in confinement? How do you see your rivalry with Bekele? How has the postponement of the Olympic Games felt for you?

The most unexpected responses and intimacies

Kipchoge does not bite his tongue and leaves us completely unexpected phrases that until now had not come to light. The sensations of going down two hours in the marathon, his hobbies, expectations of the future. Definitely We discovered the most controversial Eliud, a figure that leaves us even misplaced in various responses. In addition, as always, the ‘Philosopher’ remains faithful to the brand that dresses him and accompanies him and shows off some of his most exclusive models.

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