News : EM 2021 – Munich: The tournament has to get out of my city – Comment

News : EM 2021 – Munich: The tournament has to get out of my city – Comment

Comment: Out of my city with the EM! How Uefa doesn’t give a damn about people is a cheek

The EM should start on June 11th – with my hometown Munich as one of the twelve hosts. While Markus Söder, Philipp Lahm and Aleksander Ceferin ponder possible spectator scenarios, my 67-year-old mother has not even been vaccinated. I am shocked. A comment.

When I turned on the TV last week to enjoy the Champions League first leg between FC Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain, Aleksander Ceferin’s face is the first thing my eyes see.

When I see the Uefa boss in Munich, my mood rushes into the basement

My good mood with regard to the spectacular clash of the two finalists from last year is suddenly clouded, because I quickly realize why the Uefa President is in Munich.

The 53-year-old Slovene had come to debate with the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder about a possible partial admission of spectators during the European Championship.

Four games are to be played in my hometown and while other host cities have already promised up to 35,000 spectators in the stadiums to UEFA, Munich has not yet given any guarantees regarding partial admission of fans.

“If the situation allows, we expect spectators,” emphasized Ceferin after the meeting with Söder, “and I am also sure that the Prime Minister will make every effort to ensure that the European Championship will take place here.”

It simmers in me! What Uefa allows is a cheek

It simmers in me! While Chancellor Angela Merkel currently wants to make nationwide corona rules possible, dozens of people are fighting for their lives in the intensive care units, my 67-year-old mother and my 69-year-old father from Munich still do not have a vaccination appointment and I have been at home for more than a year -Office work and reduce my social contacts to a minimum, the Uefa President dreams of around 20,000 spectators in the Allianz Arena – in eight weeks.

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The question of whether Ceferin is talking about a boisterous mood in the stands or the gigantic ticket income is an open question, but Uefa should kindly be grateful that they are currently allowed to host their competitions! But now to exert pressure on the host cities regarding the admission of viewers is a cheek – and in view of the current Corona situation, insane and incomprehensible.

The many people in Munich endanger the health of everyone in my city

Philipp Lahm, DFB head of organization for the Munich games at the EM, also considers spectators in the Allianz Arena to be acceptable. “I think 100 percent utilization will not be possible, you have to be that realistic. Everything else might be possible. That is why we are planning from zero viewers to 50 percent viewers,” said the world champion on the radio at “Antenne Bayern”.

Various fans, media representatives, teams, physiotherapists and TV teams who are in my hometown – and who could possibly endanger the health of many other people – and their own. According to the Robert Koch Institute, there is hardly any risk of infection from fully vaccinated people – but only very little. And who can guarantee that everyone involved and residents have been provided with the vaccine by then?

Why should Munich accept this unnecessary risk? For the importance of four games in a European football championship? No thanks! Uefa with its pan-European tournament benefits from the wonderful location of Munich and its football arena, but the city and its residents bear the risk.

With this in mind: finally cancel the EM in Munich!

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