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Emanuel Buchmann - For the long passes in thin air - Sport

  • No philosopher, no free spirit, no cannibal: Emanuel Buchmann just rides a bike well.
  • He is currently fifth in the Tour standings.
  • In the following mountain stages of the Tour de France he could become a big climber.
From Johannes KnuthToulouse

Maximilian Schachmann was a bit baffled. He always wanted to do his best, protested the 25-year-old Berliner, but in the end it was like this: he answered all questions to the best of his conscience, he could not do more - as if he almost wanted to apologize for not having him to tell a little more about this Emanuel Buchmann, his room mate, who is pedaling so impressively through France these days.

Buchmann prefers to let others speak, about himself and at all. Conversations with him about things beyond cycling you almost have to lead with the vehemence of an investigator, you could testify that only now on the first day of rest of the Tour de France. After the teammates, the team boss and the driver himself had been interrogated, it was nevertheless clear: Buchmann is sometimes more research, if he moves in the cocoon of the team bus, in the room they talk mainly about the race, confirmed the roommate Schachmann. And he does not snore either, only a short time ago, but then he immediately turned around and stopped again.

It's enough for him to make a difference in the competition

For some athletes it is very important how they work in public, for some it is enough for them to make a difference in the competition. Buchmann undoubtedly belongs to the latter species. He is currently fifth in the overall classification of the 106th Tour of France, in which the favorites in the first half had to circumnavigate some sharp cliffs; on the flat stage on Wednesday he claimed his position. And it is quite possible, they say in Buchmann's team Bora-Hansgrohe, that he can maintain this exposed position until the final in Paris on his fourth tour. Of course, this brings back memories of distant days when Radsport-Deutschland squatted for hours in darkened living rooms to watch his heroes on alpine and Pyrenees passes, even if the reminiscences are sour taste: Andreas Klöden was the last German for the moment in the tour -Classement in the top five, 2006 was that, Jan Ullrich had just been exposed as a client of the Blutpanschers Eufemiano Fuentes. But now is much better, at least so many stories go in the peloton. And of course you want to know now who this new German talent is for the big picture - which is exciting because Buchmann is the last person to like the attention he gets every day a little more.

The best German tour riders since the seventies

stage winner

14 stages: Marcel Kittel (between 2013 and 2017)

12: Erik Zabel (1995 - 2002)

11: André Greipel (2011 - 2016)

8: Rudi Altig (1962 - 1969)

7: Jan Ullrich (1996-2003)

6: Dietrich Thurau (1977 - 1979)

5: Tony Martin (2011 - 2015)

Driver in the yellow jersey

1977: Dietrich Thurau (15)

1978: Klaus-Peter Thaler (2)

1997: Jan Ullrich (12)

1998: Jan Ullrich (6)

1998: Erik Zabel (1)

2001: Jens Voigt (1)

2002: Erik Zabel (1)

2005: Jens Voigt (1)

2007: Linus Gerdemann (1)

2013: Marcel Kittel (1)

2014: Marcel Kittel (1)

2015: Tony Martin (3)

Buchmann is not a Jan Ullrich, who as a child once flopped in a pot full of talent, he is not a cannibal like Eddy Merckx and certainly not a free spirit like his teammate Peter Sagan, the TV reporters ever told that his strength on the bike itself to eat from his loins. He grew up in Ravensburg, what you hear when Buchmann performs what you have to "put into" cycling. Otherwise, he often says that he likes it "when I'm at peace." He also never dreamed of the yellow jersey, the main prize of his sport, and his rise, "that has developed so over the years". Where Buchmann is already blessed with a special talent, Enrico Poitschke once said his sports director: The 26-year-old can regenerate quickly during a three-week tour and consistently create peak performance, with 60 kilos of combat weight at 1.80 meters: "Such drivers have we do not often in Germany. " And Buchmann has gradually raised this potential, he works diligently in training, has a "bad discipline," as team boss Ralph Denk finds, "he falls asleep when he eats an ice cream". And in the race, he behaves clever, often in the shadow of the best, aggressive only when he has to. He is one who usually drives as he is.

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