News : Emil Zatopek's monthly training plan that has gone viral

News :

Emil Zatopek's monthly training plan that has gone viral

Emil Zatopek, in a file image

We do not know what could have happened if someone tries to strictly follow this training plan as soon as they leave the confinement. Probably it would not have lasted a day of the 30 stipulated. With a touch of irony, but more real than life itself, athletic specialist Óscar Fernández (@gabyandersen) has posted a training plan for the legendary Emil Zatopek. For those who do not know him or have no control over him, this is an athletic legend that shone between the 40s and 50s in the background tests achieving unmatched milestones. For example, at the London'48 Olympics, he won the gold medal in the 10,000 and 5,000, while in Helsinki'52, he won the gold medals in 10,000, 5,000 and the marathon. All in one week.

An absolutely titanic session

It was a true wonder of nature that ended his career in 1958. A myth that forged his history on the basis of military training (in fact, he reached the rank of colonel in the Czechoslovak army). And it has come to light that ‘mesocycle’ we were talking about previously, a month of preparation for the Czech athlete who simply removes hiccups. It is 32 sessions of tremendous physical hardness and demand. For example, start day 1 with a 15 × 400 (affordable), but it is that day 2 already goes to a 60 × 400 !. Among the sessions of the first fortnight, the one on day 5 (100 × 400), the one on day 10 (40 × 400 very fast) or the one on day 14 (5 kilometers at 14:04 ′) stand out.

In the second fortnight there are several more barbarities (you can see it all day by day in the attached tweet). Without going any further, on the 18th a 5 × 200 + 55 × 400 + 5 × 200 was cascaded, on the 21st a 5 × 200 + 70 × 400 + 5 × 200, on the 30th 5 km at 1:57 p.m. and on the 1 10 km at 28:54 ′. If you want, try it at home ...

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