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End of the era Hoeneß: Bayern are sorted again - sports

He is the heart, belly and soul of the club - but now Uli Hoeneß wants to step down. A conversation about his 40-year legacy, his uproars and the changing world of modern football.

Uli Hoeness, the eternal club boss of FC Bayern, has announced at a press conference that he no longer stands for re-election as president of the club. Hoeneß has struggled with himself, but at the end of his decision is: He wants to give his club into the hands of others. How could a Bayern look without him? Can someone like Hoeneß stop altogether, and why is he beginning to struggle to understand the modern world? Martin Schneider, Benedikt Warmbrunn and Jonas Beckenkamp talk about these questions at "And now on Sport" - and in the end it even becomes philosophical!

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Bundesliga The monarch goes

The monarch leaves

But only in semi-retirement. Hoeneß governed Bayern with instinct, provocations, his phenomenal memory and heart. About a man - and the difficulty of letting go.By Christof Kneer and Benedikt Warmbrunn

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