News : Europa League Qualifiers in Live Ticker: Strasbourg vs. Strasbourg. Frankfurt – kick off 20.30 clock

News :

Europa League Qualifiers in Live Ticker: Strasbourg vs. Strasbourg. Frankfurt - kick off 20.30 clock

Europa League Qualifiers: Racing Strasbourg - Eintracht Frankfurt in live ticker

Now it is for Eintracht Frankfurt on the international football stage. In the playoff games against Racing Strasbourg decides whether the Hesse will be like in the previous year in the group stage of the Europa League. The match in the live ticker.

Racing Strasbourg - Eintracht Frankfurt 0: 0

Strasbourg: Sels - Carole, Mitrovic, Djiiku, Kone - Lienard, Thomasson, Martin, Lala - Ajorque, Zohi
Trapp - Abraham, Hasebe, Hinteregger - da Costa, Gacinovic, Fernandes, Torro, Kostic - Rebic, Kamada

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2nd minute: Kostic grazes on the left wing, but is then pulled by Kone on the jersey - free kick for Eintracht. This results in no danger.

1st Minute: Let's go! Kick-off in Strasbourg!

8:15 pm: The players of both teams are already warming up - in 15 minutes you can start!

19:32: The lists are known. Eintracht coach Adi Hütter sends a top team on the pitch.

7.30 pm: Without the hoped-for reinforcement by striker Bas Dost, Eintracht Frankfurt will fight against Racing Strasbourg for their place in the group stage of the Europa League. Until late Wednesday evening, the Hessians were still unable to report the completion of the transfer of the striker from Sporting Lisbon, which was announced at the end of last week, and which is therefore not available against the French League Cup winner.

THE CHANCE: Nevertheless, the Bundesliga side is well prepared for the play-off first leg in Alsace, where on Thursday it is primarily about a good starting position for the return leg seven days later in Frankfurt. "They have a good team, but also a few gaps to exploit," said Eintracht coach Adi Hütter.

THE ENEMY: Strasbourg is not part of the establishment in the world championship league. Nevertheless, the Eintracht respects the team of coach Thierry Laurey. "They are playfully very, very good and have a good move forward," said Hütter. For Frankfurt goalkeeper Kevin Trapp, who knows Racing from his time at Paris Saint-Germain, it is clear: "We have to be mentally ready, otherwise it will be difficult."

THE STAFF: Hütter has his strongest squad at the moment. As always, the 49-year-old Austrian did not reveal anything about formation and tactics.

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THE MONEY: How lucrative the Europa League can be, the harmony has determined in the preseason. The advance into the semi-final brought the club revenues of more than 30 million euros. Should the hurdle Strasbourg be taken, there would be of the European Football Union to enter the group stage, first, a first-time in the amount of almost three million euros.

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