News : European Cup 10,000 Birmingham: Preview, duels, schedules, television

News : European Cup 10,000 Birmingham: Preview, duels, schedules, television

Carlos Mayo, one of the great assets of Spain in Birmingham / EFE

Day designated in the national and international calendar. This Saturday, June 5, the 10,000 European Cup is held in Birmingham, in which there will be world-class athletes (read Olympic multi-champion Mo Farah or the Belgian Abdi) and in which the Spanish National Team will look for Olympic minimums in an appointment that is expected to be suitable to look for them. In fact, recently at the Broker Stock Exchange we spoke with Chiki Pérez, who has told us about his strategy and how he envisions this opportunity that is opening up in the British city.

The RFEA national coach, José Peiró, released a few weeks ago the list of athletes selected for the competition. A total of eight athletes: six men and two women, will travel to British lands this Thursday ready to run a lot and fight with the best. In the case of men, they will seek to fight for the podium, although in women, the last-minute loss of Nuria Lugueros, previously preselected, will prevent the women’s team from scoring by teams.

Chiki’s opportunity

The men’s sextet is headed by the aforementioned current champion of Spain, Juan Antonio Chiki perez, Spanish leader of the year with his fabulous 27: 46.08 achieved two weeks ago in Ostrava (CZE) and that they made him the fastest man in this distance in the last thirteen years, apart from placing twelfth in the Spanish list of all time. Undoubtedly, a leap in quality for an athlete on the way to turning 33 years old and hardened in a thousand battles, not in vain will it be his sixth participation in a competition where he has already achieved three second places at the individual level (2015, 2016 and 2017).

He will be the head of a list where he is also accompanied by colleagues, all of them already international, such as Carlos May, which comes from being third in the 5,000m of the Chorzow European Nations Championship and is willing to exceed his personal limit of 28: 48.41 that he made in his previous participation in 2017 in Minsk, when he finished third after the aforementioned Pérez and the winner Antonio Abadía, in that historic triplet of the Spanish fund. On this occasion, the 2017 champion will be missing, to whom we want to send our best wishes for his recovery.

The other four remaining athletes will make their debut in this competition, although all of them have already been international with the Spanish team. Such is the case of the one who was an obstacle, Jorge White, who last year made the final leap to the bottom as a member of the team that participated in the Gdynia World Half Marathon. Blanco arrives with a personal best of 28: 25.76 achieved at the Nacional de Torrevieja, which undoubtedly enters into his plans to overcome and help the team to get back on the podium. The same desire have his companions Jesus Ramos (28: 23.89), Raul Celada (28: 25.10) and Red Yago (28.31.85), the latter with an Olympic minimum already in a marathon, but in great shape to face a 10,000m with guarantees of a quantitative and qualitative leap in his sporting performance, just like his teammates.

Aouani, the only one ahead of Chiki

Taking a look at the entry list, only the Italian Iliass Aouani (27: 45.81) arrives with the best mark of the year than ‘Chiki’ Pérez, although if we pull personal marks up to six men, apart from the two mentioned, they have dropped 28 minutes: the British Marc Scott (27: 10.41), and Sam Atkin (27: 26.58), as well as the French Morhad Amdouni (27: 36.80) and François Barrer (27.55.95), which are emerging as the two squads against which Spanish athletes will surely have to fight a lot to get back on the podium. The men’s team has achieved positions of honor in nineteen out of twenty-three European Cups, and up to ten times they have won the team title, the last time in 2018.

Another objective, in addition to the team title, will be the search for the Olympic minimum that is at 27: 28.00, so it will be necessary to run and a lot from the beginning.

Lugueros, go down

After leaving due to injury to Nuria LuguerosWhat was going to be the trio of Spanish women in search of a new metal, as happened two years ago, has become an individual fight between our two representatives, who with a proven track record will fight to the last meter.

Such is the case of Maitane Melero, who arrives as the Spanish distance champion, a title she achieved in Torrevieja despite having suffered a sacral injury weeks before after a fall from which she is fortunately fully recovered. The Navarre, ready to improve her 33.07.96 from a month and a half ago in Alicante, presents a personal best of 32: 27.00 in 2019. The 10,000 in Birmingham will probably be one of her last tests on the track.

Galimany, thinking about the marathon

One that is consolidated on the route is the marathon runner Marta Galimany, already with the minimum Olympic marathon in his pocket, but he does not lose sight of the track. The Spanish record holder for 1 hour on the track, a top that improved on two occasions last year, was proclaimed Spanish runner-up in 10,000m in Torrevieja with a personal mark of 33.11.41, which was vital for her to be shortlisted for this competition in which she officially debuted, although two years ago in London she participated out of competition and achieved a mark of 33: 34.73.

The World Cup in Doha She arrives in great shape and is willing to improve her mark in a test where both will find a high level of registrations, since up to eighteen of the 45 registrants arrive with a personal record below 33 minutes. The Olympic minimum is looming far away, at 31.25.00.

In men, Spain has been on the podium 19 times, with ten golds (1999, 2000, 2001, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2011, 2012, 2017 and 2018), seven silvers and two bronzes, while in women they have been 14 times he has reached the podium with three golds (2001, 2007 and 2013), five silver and six bronzes.

The competition will take place in the University of Birmingham Athletics Park In an almost night time schedule (9:30 p.m. for women and 10:15 p.m. for men, Spanish time).

Schedules and television:

The absolute races of 10,000 internationals (the event also serves as British ‘trials’ and has national and Paralympic finals) will start at 9:30 p.m. CET (female) and the men’s will be at 10:15 p.m. CET. The test can in principle be followed by the European Athletics YouTube channel (as they inform us, it will not be given by TDP).

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