News : Even Lewis Hamilton disturbs the monotony in Formula 1

News :

Even Lewis Hamilton disturbs the monotony in Formula 1

World Champion Lewis Hamilton can understand the criticism of the current monotony of Formula 1. "I see the mess we're in," said the Mercedes driver in Le Castellet, southern France, after his fourth series win on Sunday. "But that's not the driver's fault," said the championship leader. For years, Formula 1 has been moving in a constant "cycle of bad decisions", complained the 34-year-old Briton.

With Mercedes Hamilton dominated since the beginning of 2014, Formula 1. In the past five years, the team won all world titles. This season, the Silver Arrows have won all eight races so far, Hamilton alone six. With 187 points, he probably steers his sixth title. Therefore, recently resumed the displeasure of the predictability of the motorsport premier class.

The monotony lies with the structures of Formula 1, which date back to the time of the former chief marketer Bernie Ecclestone, said Hamilton. The unequal distribution of money, the weakness of the World Federation Fia as the highest sports authority and the excessive influence of the teams on the rules, he sees as problems. "As long as the structure in management does not change, it will stay as it is," Hamilton said. And: "We should put pressure on the people at the top who should do their job," said the five-time world champion.

Background: The three top teams, Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull, received in the 2018 season in the money distribution from the large revenue pot of Formula 1 15 percent more than all other seven teams added together. This was reported by the website In the 2018 season, according to the portal in Formula 1, only one team made financial profit: Mercedes.

Vettel are already 76 points behind Hamilton

Already a year ago Hamilton had found critical words: "The sport is in my opinion in the wrong direction," he said after a boring race in Canada.

Sebastian Vettel, who only finished fifth in France, still has hope for the next race on Sunday in Austria: "What appeals to us most is the many straights," said Vettel. There Ferrari can play its top speed - and possibly demand Mercedes similar to the beginning of June in Canada, as Vettel lost only because of a subsequent five-second time penalty the race. Vettel has been without a winner for 16 races. He is 76 points behind third place behind Hamilton.

He wishes that he will demand more from Vettel in the next few months. "I really hope that Ferrari will gain a bit more speed in the corners, so we can finally race against each other," Hamilton assured. But after that it does not look like it at the moment.

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