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Everything to keep in mind for a proper return to running

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A few days ago we shared an interesting (not because we did it, but because the character itself is) interview with the sports specialist traumatologist Juanjo López in which a report carried out during this confinement in which he draws conclusions about the increase in certain injuries caused by a change in the routine of our physical activity and, in many cases, an uncontrolled increase in it. The pasillo hallway syndrome ’, produced by an excess of exercise inside the house, due to many turns when running in short spaces, and an affectation in the knees and menisci that has led to injuries, in some severe cases and which have required urgent surgical intervention.

A very progressive lap

Well, once it has been announced that in a week we will most likely be able to be running and doing outdoor activities again, we delved into Doctor Juanjo López himself how this return to activity should take place (Note that he is an orthopedic surgeon and not a physical trainer and speaks more about possible damages and prevention of typical injuries after long periods of inactivity or stopping doing something that we used to and returning suddenly after a considerable time). "The ideal would be to do a good prevention and there is the figure of the physical trainer so that, depending on what we have done these weeks, we prepare a correct pace of return."

Things to keep in mind

"It is important distinguish between professional athlete, who will have done important work at home, many with treadmills and bicycles, elastic exercises, controlled force, and these people are more controlled; then there is the amateur athlete, that some will have done things and others, nothing", Qualifies López, who adds that" the return to sport should be progressive, If we used to do 10 kilometers before each trip, we cannot do now 45 days later, 10 kilometers again.; it is like doing a preseason again and in the preseason injuries usually arise from overload or from a biomechanical alteration; You can expect plantar fasciitis, muscle injuries, especially at the level of twins or soleus, and then there will also be biomechanical problems such as iliotibial band syndrome or runner's knee or tibial periostitis, which is also due to an overload of the tibia ”.

Be very aware

“In summary, put yourself in the hands of professionals and carry out a very gradual return to sport depending on each runner; If you are a very regular runner and you have kept fit, your lap may be faster, but if you have not done anything or have gained a lot of weight, you will have control weight, take care of yourself, walk, do something softer before putting on your shoes and doing kilometers, ”says Juanjo López.

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