News : Everything you need to know about the NN Mission Marathon: venue, schedule, television

News : Everything you need to know about the NN Mission Marathon: venue, schedule, television

We will see Kipchoge in action again / AFP

On Sunday, April 18, he returns to the competition after the London Marathon, considered by many the best marathoner in history. We are talking about an Eliud Kipchoge who is in full preparation for what is his great goal for 2021, which is none other than the Tokyo Olympics (the test will be held in Sapporo due to the high temperatures expected).

Kipchoge, who experienced the worst classification of his career in the British event, has been training hard for months at the Eldoret training camp and will surely leave wanting to make a good mark (logically not to aspire to world records) in this NN Mission Marathon, which after being programmed first in Hamburg and then in Vienna, will finally be held at Twente Airport, in the Netherlands.

Several athletes under 2:10

As we said, Kipchoge will be the great attraction, but the truth is that there will be a string of athletes who will participate in the test on Dutch soil with the aim of obtaining their ticket for the Olympic marathon in what will be one of the last trains in the world to get it. Up to 11 athletes in the men’s section who will be on the starting line in Twente credit less than 2h10 ′ in the marathon. In order, Eliud Kipchoge (2:01:39), Filex Chemonges (2:05:12), Laban Korir (2:05:54), Stephen Kiprotich (2:06:33), Tadesse Abraham (2:06: 40), Jonathan Korir (2:06:45), Goitom Kifle (2:08:09), Geoffrey Kusuro (2:08:46), Hiskel Tewelde (2:08:49), Jo Fukuda (2:09: 52) and the Dutch Michel Buter (2:09:58).

There are athletes of many nationalities. Germans, Poles, Mexicans, Colombians, Belgians, Austrians, Spanish (Alejandro Jiménez, 2:18:47)… The Olympic minimum is 2:11:30.

Laura Méndez’s debut

In the female sphere, there are few well-known names. The best brand of the accredited athletes is that of the Mexican Madai Pérez (2:22:59), who will be accompanied by the Portuguese Jessica Augusto (2:24:25) and Sara Moreira (2:24:49), from the Kenyan Gladys Chesir (2:24:51), etc. There will be two Spaniards, Irene Pelayo (2:30:36) and Laura Méndez in their debut in the distance. The Olympic minimum is 2:29:30.


The test can be followed from the NN Running Team YouTube channel (also the previous press conference on the 16th with the presence of Kipchoge from 2:00 p.m.).

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