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Everything you need to know about the Zurich Marathon in Seville

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With a record of participants and consolidated as the second best marathon in Spain, the Zurich Marathon of Seville kicks off on February 23. The streets of the Hispanic city will dress again to see the more than 13,000 registered. A completely flat circuit and a test that will also represent the Spanish Championship of distance. At stake, places for the Tokyo Olympics, which is not little. Javier Gavela, technical director of the race, it breaks down everything: figures, route, events, activities, objectives at brand level ...

How are the latest preparations going? What generates the most headache?

“We are with the latest preparations and are the moments with more nerves, more tension, where you have to leave everything closed, some tweaks. Right now a little tension, but as the race day approaches we are relaxing, already thinking about enjoying it ”.

“I wouldn't know what to stand out. The most embarrassing months, what gives more work, is the issue of paperwork, documentation. A test like the marathon requires mobility, prevention, self-protection plans, a lot of documentation. Then the rest, because the route at the end is what builds a race, more in the case of the marathon. That takes a lot of work, the closure of the route, which does not enter any cars, supplies, ambulance points, takes a lot of work and a lot of staff. ”

Consolidated as the second best marathon in Spain ...

"We are very proud. Valencia plays in another League, with an exorbitant budget. Of course we would like to have those resources, we would dream, but it is often lower. It is very difficult to compete against them, but with imagination, work, determination, we have very good numbers. At the elite level, popular with a high number of participants, and other things that differentiate us from other marathons, our hallmarks. The objective is to magnify those details and in what perhaps we are going a little behind to reduce year after year. It is clear that our communications cannot fight in any case with Barcelona and Madrid, for foreign brokers it is much harder to get here and yet they come, so something we will be doing well. ”

What does it mean for you that the marathon is also the Spanish Championship?

“For us it is important that it be the Spanish Championship. It is a media focus, here the places that are free for the Tokyo Olympics are decidedWell then, the best Spaniards will be here looking for her. At the sports level it is a great incentive, but it is clear that it complicates the organization a bit more. The inscription goes on the other hand, they must have a differentiated exit zone, a zone of own calls. Then his particular awards ceremony, a series of features that require more work, but it is a bet we have made. It is a good collaboration for both the Federation and us. I think this year will be the highest level Championship in Spain in the history of the marathon. We have accredited athletes at 2:08, 2:09, 2:10, women at 2:30 ... I think they are going to get several minimums in both men and women. And why not, we dream of achieving a record of Spain. ”

Tell us all the figures that the test moves.

“There are 13,500 registered, more than 4,100 runners from outside Spain, more than 2,000 women (all absolute records of our marathon). Theme volunteers we started from Friday to Sunday and we included about 2,000 volunteers, to whom we are very grateful and without the help of which this would be impossible. There is a very significant figure and that is that cSo 2/3 of the participants run for the first time the Zurich Marathon in Seville, which fills us with pride because it means that there are many people who are interested in knowing this marathon, many people recommend us. I think the change of route was very well received. Today we can only talk about records. ”

Travel. You made a radical change last year. It keeps?

“Our journey from last year to this we cannot say that we repeat, but it is 99.9% identical. We changed a small street that for a traffic issue the police have asked us to go through the previous one. You could say that it is exactly the same, the master lines are identical. We talked about a flat route, 33 curves, at sea level. In broad strokes it allows you to run at a pace from the start to the finish, not a point of cost or save. The only point perhaps more complicated is that of Plaza España, but Being able to run for a World Heritage Site is something that cannot be missed. It is true that it is a slightly closed turn and that without it the race would be even faster, but it is that giving up that is like giving up the Colosseum in Rome. There is a bit of paving, but only 200 meters, the rest are large plates. As regards the wind, Seville does not usually have wind early in the morning, nor is the route affected. And if in any case the wind gives direction towards the exit and with the new route the last kilometers are against, but you are very sheltered by the buildings. The forecasts are quite good, maybe temperature a tad high, but you can not blame that.

Go New Balance initiative bypassing two trips to run the New York Marathon ...

“It is an initiative that seems spectacular to me. New York is the holy grail of marathons, which every popular wants to run sometime. If you run in Seville, with dorsal and do it with a New Balance you can go with all the expenses paid to New York to run the test in addition to its 50th anniversary. For a man and a woman. He is a great sponsor, with a great brand. ”

What should we expect at the level of race results?

“If everything goes well, with good weather our goal is to beat the female (2:24) and male (2:06) records of the race. For this we will have some hares that will go up to kilometer 30 at those rates. If there is a good day we trust that to fall. At the level of Spaniards, Javi Guerra did 2:08:42 two years ago in Seville, the best mark of a Spaniard in history in a test on Spanish soil; If nothing weird happens, that brand will go down in history. I think Javi Guerra recently demonstrated in Valencia that he is very fit and can run faster than that brand. We also have Ben Daoud, who has only run a marathon and went to 2:08:14; I think that if nothing happens, it will also be in those brands. And why not Chiki Pérez, who made marcon in the Valencia average and then was at 2:11 in Valencia. If you have a good day, it will be there. ”

"It is not the last train because the team will not leave directly from Seville, but It is true that the winner in both men and women will go to Tokyo (if they fall from 2: 1: 30 in men and 2:28:30 in women). The competition is going to be brutal. Then in women there are two other free places and in man, one. If they make the brands that I think they can do the men's one can leave Seville and the women's one is more complicated. Marta Galimany comes from spraying in half marathon in Seville your brand so it will be there; Azucena Díaz, Aroa Merino… I'm optimistic. ”

How are hares organized in Seville?

“We have two more hares in men, one that will go below 1h04’ and another in 1h05 ’. Let's not forget that Many athletes come from Brazil, Argentina, Greece, Sweden, all looking for the minimum for the Games as well. There are several ‘informal’ national championships in Seville. In women we will have the hare of 1h12 ’and the second one in less than 1h14’. For popular runners we have for all the rhythms, 2h45 ', 3h, 3h15', 3h30 ', 3h45 ′, 4h, 4h30', 5h ... A great variety for everyone to have someone to set the pace and not have to worry about the stopwatch . In Seville you can trust the hares because you have to run the entire marathon at the same pace. ”

How will that weekend surrounding the marathon be?

“We have a lot of parallel events. We started on Friday 21, when the corridor fair opens (19-20h). New Balance mounts several stands. In the early hours, at 11, there is a visit of 700 children from schools in Seville; We give them a guided tour of the fair, Martín Fiz gives them a talk. Thursday and Friday we make talks in several schools in Seville with Martín Fiz, Abel Antón and Fermín Cacho. Then we have several activities, shows, etc. at the New Balance stand. Then also talks, presentations of books, professionals, podiatrists, talks that have to do with sports, with improvement, training. It is interesting for runners, so they have a complete experience. Then on Saturday we have a children's race, which we will bring to the center. Let the children know what a marathon is. ”

Essential advice for the runners of the Zurich Marathon in Seville:

“The most important thing is that the departure is at 8:30. There is always some clueless. In Seville at this time of year it is dawn. My recommendations are that people do normal, do nothing exceptional. That they wake up about three hours before, have breakfast between 2-2: 30h before, which they usually have breakfast normally; a marathon is an extreme test, you put the body to the limit, then you have to try not to invent or do experiments because they usually go wrong. I recommend being at the exit about an hour before, you have time to go to the cloakroom, you don't have to queue, you go to the exit area, there are many bathrooms for those previous nerves. ”

“In the marathon it is very important to go quietly behind a small group; The eses of a principle always end up paying. We have 15 points of provisioning, from km 5 we have supplies, I recommend everyone drink a little. During the most sunny hours, pour water on the back of the neck. Especially not to wear clothes on race day. For example I like to put petroleum jelly on nipples, English, feet. I have never had a blister in the marathon. Last week the most important thing is to get rested. The elite still rush and do a few thousand just a few days before, but for them a second or two can be the strip between success and failure. You have to arrive with intact forces.

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