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Everything you need to know before buying spinning shoes

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I imagine that if you got here it will be because you are looking for spinning shoes to continue sweating the fat drop with this beautiful sport to the rhythm of the music.

We are many cyclists who take advantage of the little free time we have during the week to practice spinning. An indoor cycling modality that in recent years has gained in adherents and that today is still one of the favorites for those looking for classes aimed at gyms. Spinning is also one of the sports that burns more calories and its practice is still highly recommended for those who want to lose weight.

Whatever the purpose that has led you to get on an indoor cycle bike I am almost convinced that both the instructor and the classmates have already put in your face about not wearing suitable spinning shoes. I say the right thing because not all sneakers are good for this and that is that the spinning shoes gives to talk long and hard. And that friends is exactly what I am going to do today.

What spinning shoes do I need?

If you are reading all this it is because you probably have realized that you need more than running shoes to make the most of the 45-50 minutes that make up a directed spinning class.

In fact, I would play something that you have already seen a team of "platoon" parading through the fitness room equipped with cleats.

To get started in this modality, you can use conventional sneakers, but to improve, enjoy the most, work better the muscles and follow the changes of pace proposed by the instructor, it is recommended that you also get some spinning shoes.

These are nothing special and the spinning is the same cycling shoes that on the road or MTB.

The most common is to find bicycles equipped with mixed or semi-automatic pedals. On the one hand, it has the fixation for the cove and on the other a flat surface with harrows to place any bamba.

In spinning bicycles, mountain pedals are generally used although these can be easily interchangeable with road pedals thanks to the connecting rod thread system.

Although it may seem like an unnecessary expense, I promise you it will be of great help. With normal sneakers the sole sinks over the pedal and you lose a lot of energy and efficiency in pedaling. With the right footwear you take advantage of the entire pedaling phase and minimize the risk of injury.

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Shoes with spinning coves

If you don't come from the world of cycling or you haven't been in the indoor cycle for a long time, it's no wonder that all of these shoes with cleats and automatic pedals come a little fat.

First, we must differentiate three concepts that are directly related to each other. On the one hand, the shoe and on the other the pedals and coves.

As regards shoes, it is simply necessary to distinguish between MTB and road shoes. On a visual level, the difference is evident and all you have to do is adapt your purchase to the pedals your bike has in your gym. (I already warn you that in 95% of the cases they will be mountain pedals).

Once you are clear about this you simply have to buy some coves that fit the pedals, generally Shimano coves - SPD.

Remember that the coves are those metallic pieces that are placed on the sole of the shoes and that are used to fix the shoe to the pedal.

In short, although all this may seem very complicated I assure you that it is much easier. In order to streamline and standardize the entire process, most gyms equip their spinning bikes with shimano MTB pedals. So any of the shoes you'll find a little below can help you.

Buy spinning shoes - best offers

Now that you are perfectly documented about everything that surrounds the pedals, the coves and the spinning shoes, it's time to scratch your pocket.

There are plenty of cycling shoes that could be used to practice spinning but then I have compiled some of the best models why price quality ratio or design seems noteworthy.

My main recommendation is that you look for a breathable spinning shoe, with a good support and with the sole as rigid as possible. The stiffness of the sole serves to distribute body weight and strength in a more homogeneous way.

Spiuk Altube MTB

The Spanish firm Spiuk always appears in the top positions when we talk about cycling shoes and accessories with good value for money.

This is the case of the Spiuk Altube, MTB shoes that you can use perfectly for spinning.

It is an article with good breathability, a great fit by BOA system and with power transfer strap on the front. The cover is synthetic, lightweight and very easy to clean. In addition the shoe is reinforced at some points to extend its life

In Amazon you have available the Spiuk Altubre MTB in various colors and sizes. Its price is one of the tightest in the market and for me it is presented as one of the best options for budgets adjusted to a medium range.

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Most gyms equip spinning bikes with Shimano mountain pedals

Luck Extreme 3.0 shoes

Finding a MTB shoe with a carbon sole for less than 60 euros may seem crazy and in fact it would continue to be otherwise because Luck offers you the Extreme 3.0 model for less than 55 euros.

A shoe made of super breathable microfibers that guarantee the evacuation of sweat and a reinforced lining on the toes and sides perfect for long hours on the MTB bike.

It can be used quietly as a Spinning shoe and the closure with 3 velcro system offers a comfortable and adaptable support to any type of foot. In Amazon you have at unbeatable price the Luck Extreme 3.0 in all sizes from number 37 to 48. It can be used quietly by women.

Luck Ícaro shoes

The same Spanish manufacturer Luck offers us another interesting model from the hand of the Icarus shoes. A design much more original and worked than other products in the catalog and presented as a perfect purchase option for those looking for nice, functional and cheap spinning shoes.

The article has been manufactured entirely in Spain based on a single piece and microfibers without interior seams. Amazon is available with carbon soles in orange and red and also in all numbers from 37 to 48.

Luck Matrix Revolution shoes

Finally we have to present this latest Luck model that I also consider, along with all the previous ones, of high interest.

A shoe for spinning and MTB functional, durable and with a very high breathability (something of vital importance in indoor cycling).

In short, I think it is a beautiful and interesting option if at the aesthetic level none of the above options has convinced you. The price of the Luck Matrix Revolution shoes is 55 euros and you can get them in black, yellow, white, fuchsia and orange.

Shimano coves for MTB and Spinning

MTB and spinning shoes are sold without coves, so unless you have also bought some pedals (which do come with coves) you will have to buy coves that fit your spinning bike.

As I said before, most sports centers opt for Shimano pedals so I take this opportunity to leave you with this Shimano SPD cleats game on offer and with an attractive 30% discount.

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