News : Expelled from school, mother of twins and winner of $ 175,000

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Expelled from school, mother of twins and winner of $ 175,000

Kosgei poses with the world record
Kosgei poses with the world record

At 25, Brigid Kosgei's eyes reflect all the hardness and experiences that, surely, a girl her age should never live. The Kenyan athlete, mother of twins at 20, has gone through all kinds of situations throughout her existence and has had to endure setbacks since she was very young that has made her mature and become what she is, a young athlete, with The entire sports career ahead, but aware of what it has cost to get where it is and the work behind it (Vaporfly aside, in this article we will not assess how much the shoes may have to see in the success of the African).

Women's Kipchoge

One day after Kipchoge lifted lovers and non-athletics lovers from their sofas, causing the human being to descend for the first time after two hours in a marathon, Brigid broke a barrier that seemed almost 'damn' since the British Paula Radcliffe established the world record one day 2003 and leave it at 2:15:25 in London. Not only did he overcome it, but he stayed close to getting off 2:14 (2:14:04). The photo in which Radcliffe congratulates her in Chicago is already the history of this sport. “I told myself: tomorrow is my day. I wanted to be the second Kipchoge, the Kipchoge of women. I focused on that, ”he said after crossing the finish line the Kenyan, who shares spirit and nationality with Eliud.

A surprise in quotes

“I did not expect to break the record. I expected to get off from 2:16 or 2:15, but having done 2:14 is spectacular. I didn't expect it, but it was in my head in my imagination, ”said Kosgei, as we said mom of two twins in 2014. People inspired her. He expected to run the first half marathon in 68 ′ and he did it in 66:59. “People encouraged me, I was running at a world record pace. I felt the energy and that inspired me ”, analyzed a young woman who at age seven, as explained by Joaquín Carmona on Twitter, saw how she was expelled from school because her family could not cope with the payment of fees.

It is the fifth world record to be hit in Chicago, the first since Radcliffe achieved it in 2002. Right now the Kenyan seems to have no rival, who ran almost the entire race alone, only accompanied by her hares. The Kosgei era has only just begun. By the way, he took a ‘pinch’ of $ 175,000 for his record and victory in Chicago. Surely her children do not have to go through everything she swallowed in her childhood ...

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