News : Fabio Jakobsen gets back on a bike

News : Fabio Jakobsen gets back on a bike

Fabio jakobsen bicycle

Almost 4 months after his fatal accident on the Tour of Poland Fabio Jakobsen has climbed on a bicycle again.

The Dutchman has taken his first pedaling abroad accompanied by his partner and has published it on his personal Twitter profile.

The Deceuninck Quick Step rider who in his day he received 130 points to the face and was left with paralyzed mouth strings he still has a long recovery process ahead of him.

In fact, as it indicates in the Tweet in January, it will undergo a new operation.

It is not yet known if Jakobsen will be able to return to top competition and if he does so under what conditions he will. What is clear is that his bravery and pride are worthy of applause.

Social networks have not been slow to show their support with the classic #ForzaJakob

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