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Fairness at the World Cup - picking up, keep going! - Sports

  • At the World Cup it is noticeable: The women players are much less theatrical and complaining than their male counterparts.
  • "We accept decisions that the referee makes and do not argue long," explains German striker Klara Bühl.

One of the original ideas of modern football is not always obvious at the moment. At the beginning of the 19th century, this sport taught the elite schools of England how a true gentleman should behave. Wealthy private students were taught honesty and self-discipline to be prepared for life.

A look into the modern day: In the Copa América the Uruguayan Luis Suárez wildly waved his arms, because an opposing player had touched the ball in the penalty area with his hand - that it had acted at the goalkeeper, did not matter to him , The obvious matter of wanting to influence the referee by lamenting overruled any reason. In some Russian stadiums on the lawn may still be seen rolling tracks of the Brazilian Neymar, who was at the World Cup last summer, at least with his theatrical style.

FIFA Women's World Cup Did that have to be?

Video umpire at the World Cup

Was this necessary?

The VAR is a big nuisance at the World Cup. The FIFA introduced the technique in a hurry, many referees have no experience - and paradoxically, there are problems because women are in Foul's correct behavior as men.By Tim Brack

The fact that the noble goals of the early days of modern football have not quite been forgotten, is being demonstrated by many women footballers at their World Cup in France. If women have to be accused in comparisons often to play slower and less powerful (arguments, by the way, based purely on biological inconsistencies), the footballers are clearly ahead of the men in terms of social style on the pitch.

There are also women footballers who behave less fair

Who is fouled, does not stay long, except the pain is really too big. Otherwise it means: pick up, carry on! There is nothing to see here! "We just stand for honest football," said the German national player Giulia Gwinn to this phenomenon: "With us it's nice to see that you get up quickly, that you get along well with each other, that there is not much acting."

Of course, there are also footballers who behave less fair. But in the broader note that women have it much hurried to kick as soon as possible against the ball - there is hardly any theatricality and hardly any complaints. "We accept decisions that the referee makes and do not argue long," explains German striker Klara Bühl, "because we want the game to continue and to stay in sync." Interruptions are "semi-optimal".

This chivalry, on the one hand, causes the net playing time to increase; On the other hand, it paradoxically complicates the use of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) at the World Cup. "This is certainly a problem, because you keep thinking, somewhere must be a protest," said the German referee Bastian Dankert, who is at the World Cup as video referee in action, the ZDF before the tournament begins. Even with clear hand plays or fouls the footballers simply continued, so Dankert. Incidentally, the VAR often uses up the nice credit on the net playing time account at this World Cup even with its long checks.

Sometimes you want to shout to the players: complain! Whenever the referees miss an escalation of foul play. The referees often miss the moment at the World Cup, with a yellow or red card between them and curb players.

In the opening match of the DFB team, for example, the Chinese kicked so brightly and apparently also consciously that, among other things, broke the toe of Germany's best player Dzsenifer Marozsan. The footballers should not let their basically exemplary fairness be destroyed by such adversity. Others have to adapt in the process - but not the players.

Women's World Cup

Quarterfinals at the World Cup

"We are tired of this damn Germany spook"

The Swedes want to end a bad series - their prime minister forgets any diplomacy that mocks newspapers. The DFB team works against the coolness.By Anna Dreher

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