News : Father and son faced each other in the final of 3,000 obstacles

News : Father and son faced each other in the final of 3,000 obstacles

Pol and Carlos Oriach, in a spectacular image of the race in Monzón

A very special moment that took place this past Sunday at the Monzón athletics track. One of those that athletic lovers enjoy for everything it contains, for the symbolism. An image to save.

Pol Oriach, one of the most promising athletes on the national scene and who by the way in La Bolsa del Corredor we did a report in his hometown, Albelda, in Huesca, he played the final of the 3,000 obstacles on the first day of the Club League of the First Division. He ran at home, in Monzón (his club is Hinaco Monzón). He prevailed with a time of 8:56:79 at 18 years old and took the second classified, Dani Álvarez, out of more than half a minute. Rachid Benabbou closed the podium.

Carlos, great mark at 51

But if we look at the results of the test, we come across an athlete from Hinaco Monzon born in 1969. It was his father Carlos, who entered the finish line sixth with a record of 10.11.89. A high-level chrono, but above all a very very special feeling to run alongside his son Pol.

It was Pol’s debut in the distance and he achieved nothing more and nothing less, than a minimum for the U20 World Cup. Almost nothing. Oriach became the first European and fifth in the world in the 3,000 obstacles. Both collaborated to Hinacon Monzón will end this first day of the First Division Club League in third position in male category.

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