News : Fausto Gresini: False report about the death of ex-world champion

News : Fausto Gresini: False report about the death of ex-world champion

Ex-motorcycle world champion Fausto Gresini is still alive, but the Italian’s condition has deteriorated dramatically. There were reports that reported the death of the 60-year-old. Gresini was infected with Corona before Christmas.

On Monday evening various media announced the death of MotoGP team boss Fausto Gresini. The news spread like wildfire over the Internet. A little later, however, the Gresini team made it clear that Fausto Gresini is still alive.

“Fausto is still with us, even if he is in an extremely critical condition,” read the short Twitter message from the Italian MotoGP team.

Gresini tested positive for Corona before Christmas

At the end of last week, there were already signs that the 60-year-old Italian’s condition had deteriorated again more information. The former 125cc world champion was put into an artificial coma after complications.

Gresini’s lungs are badly damaged due to his COVID-19 illness. The Italian has been dependent on the support of a ventilator since the end of December.

The disease was diagnosed at Christmas time. Even before the festival, Gresini tested positive for the corona virus. A little later she was admitted to the hospital.

This article was written by Sebastian Fränzschky

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