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FC Augsburg: Season start on Matchday 2 - Sport

At the latest at half past five, the people in the stadium will notice that something has changed. There is someone new at FC Augsburg, he should leave a lasting impression on the opponents in the Bundesliga: Lukas, the locomotive driver. It is a tradition that the captain of the visiting team will get a puppet from the Augsburger Puppenkiste when they sit down, the last one being the robber Hotzenplotz.

The fact that this summer is one of the changes in the FCA, but the people are also to see shortly after half past three this Saturday, in the first home game against Union Berlin. "Now we have to come up with something," Martin Schmidt has announced. Every week the coach gives a press conference for the next game, and you probably will not stand up to anyone if you called the event a rather gray one before the Bundesliga kick-off last week. Schmidt had once again explain the 1: 2 defeat in the DFB Cup at the fourth division club Verl and talk about the opening match at Borussia Dortmund, of which he must have known that his team would probably deny it hardly successful. Augsburg lost last Saturday 1: 5. But now, before the game against the climber, he said at the beginning, the view of a newly colored sponsorship wall behind him: "Everything is new, everything is green." He then spoke of a "new wave", a "new beginning". He said, "Everything on top." So it must have been a special week.

Bundesliga Pirlos partner for FC Augsburg

Pirlo's partner for FC Augsburg

After the disappointing start of the season, the Bundesliga obliged Tin Jedvaj and Stephan Lichtsteiner. Above all, the commitment of the Swiss could be of extraordinary importance to the FCA.By Sebastian Fischer

The 1: 2 in Verl as well as the 1: 5 at BVB had been defeats, which were to be justified first with a weak defense performance. The fact that the new goalkeeper Tomas Koubek from the Czech Republic in Dortmund indicated that he could hardly have communicated with his front men was only one of many problems. Since Tuesday, however, are now Stephan Lichtsteiner and Tin Jedvaj in Augsburg, two new, the accesses number ten and eleven of a turbulent summer. And that's why Schmidt said it's really only really going on with Augsburg's ninth season in the first division.

Right-back Lichtsteiner, 35, is one of the biggest names in the club's Bundesliga history, having played for Arsenal last season, before being named Italian champion seven times with Juventus. Doubt, which one could have if his age at his Fitnesszustand, he has obviously refuted: "How that stands, this is a board that is ready," said Schmidt. And he praised Lichtsteiner's immediate approach to the team, how he instructed in training and how his colleagues would accept it. In general, Schmidt enthused: The new players are players, of which one as a coach actually "dare not dream". He said, "Now the squad is complete." Because: "Now we have refilled what it has needed."

"If you're late, sometimes you have to come with flowers."

Croatian center-back Jedvaj, 23, on loan from Bayer Leverkusen for a year, wants to recommend himself as a regular for the European Championship in Augsburg in Augsburg. Jedvaj, only supplemental player in Leverkusen, is on a "top level", said Schmidt. The transfer had become necessary when after the foreseeable departure of Martin Hinteregger to Eintracht Frankfurt also central defender Kevin Danso had left the club, first to loan to Southampton. And a successor of Jonathan Schmid as right-back sought the club for a long time. Lichtsteiner should help on the one hand immediately. On the other hand, he is with 35 and a one-year contract but not a player who takes the 18-year-old young professional Simon Asta, of which they hold a lot in the club, the prospect of playing in the future as right-back in Augsburg a role. Left-back Philipp Max could leave the club with a corresponding offer still, the position would then still double occupied with the entrances of Mads Pedersen and the still injured Iago.

Against Union Berlin also striker Alfred Finnbogason should be able to play again after a calf injury. When the Icelander, who last played for the club in April, spoke about his return during the week, it was time for the past. "I sacrificed my body for coaches who are no longer there," he said, referring to Schmidt's predecessor Manuel Baum. But that's what it should have been with the reviews, at least when it comes to Schmidt. The Icelander was "felt like a newcomer," he said and did not rule out even a system change. Finnbogason could also play together with Florian Niederlechner, scorer in Dortmund, in a dual point. Everything just new. Although on the second matchday instead of the first, but now right. "If you're late," the coach said, "you sometimes have to come with flowers."

Bundesliga Let's go! Festival!

Here we go! Festival!

The 1. FC Köln was a kind of FC Bayern second division last season - but is now oriented to Paderborn and Augsburg. Six descents have changed the self-image of the club.By Philipp Selldorf

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