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FC Bayern - Hoeneß` retreat is official - Sport

He can, says Niko Kovac, only rate what he sees. Therefore: not a word to the old stories. The coach of FC Bayern is more likely to talk about the value of a club employee on Thursday afternoon, who is one of two men of the day. "We at FC Bayern Munich are happy that we have it," says Kovac, so he is pleased that the employee "wants to anchor here". The latter is not a matter of course, after all, this Robert Lewandowski, about the Kovac on Thursday afternoon speaks, leave Bayern for years, preferably in the direction of Madrid; Last summer he still strained the nerves of club managers for weeks with his change requests. Kovac does not mention all of this, it's old stories, some of which happened before his time.

Later on Thursday, however, FC Bayern announces that Lewandowski, who has so long been emigrating, has extended his contract until 2023. The attacker, who would be 34 years old at the end of the contract, calls FC Bayern his "sporting home", he is "proud to be part of this club". Kovac welcomes this contract extension, on the first two matchdays Lewandowski scored five out of five goals of Bayern. Should he continue to meet in this regularity, chances are that Kovac may even stay in Munich until the end of his contract in the summer of 2021. But for the future prospects of the coach, this Thursday is really only in the intermediate tones.

All presidents of FC Bayern since 1945

Franz Xaver Heilmannseder 1945

Josef Bayer 1945

Siegfried Herrmann 1945 to 1947

Kurt Landauer 1947 to 1951

Julius Scheuring 1951 to 1953

Adolf Fischer, Karli Wild and Hugo Theisinger 1953 to 1955

Alfred Reitlinger 1955 to 1958

Roland Endler 1958 to 1962

Wilhelm Neudecker from 1962 to 1979

Willi O. Hoffmann 1979 to 1985

Prof. Dr. Fritz Scherer 1985 to 1994

Franz Beckenbauer 1994 to 2009

Uli Hoeneß 2009 to 2014

Karl Hopfner 2014 to 2016

Uli Hoeneß since 2016

However, since Kovac rates only what he can see anyway, at noon he does not say anything about the future prospects of the second man of the day. It is at this time no longer even a secret that Uli Hoeneß, the President and Chairman of the Supervisory Board, will inform his eight colleagues on the Supervisory Board in the evening that he will not stand for the re-election of the President at the Annual General Meeting on 29 November and will also chair the Supervisory Board.

Hoeneß said so himself on the sidelines of a golf tournament a week and a half ago, although at the time he left the date of his departure. And otherwise, the rather informal atmosphere of that conversation does not seem to be enough for Kovac. In any case, he refuses to comment on a possible scenario, namely a Bayern without Hoeneß. "I think we should not take the second step before the first," says Kovac.

The fact that Hoeneß will retire in November, is now officially confirmed: he will no longer run for the office of President, said Bayern on Thursday night at 20:27 clock. Hoeneß also informed the Supervisory Board on Thursday. He would also give up the chairmanship of the Supervisory Board, but remain a member of the board until 2023. Hoeneß wants to speak at a press conference on Friday.

Already on Wednesday afternoon had met in the lake house of the English Garden, the Advisory Board of FC Bayern e.V., Hoeness came here in the company of Herbert Hainer, the longtime Adidas board chairman is his deputy on the Supervisory Board and also his alleged successor as president.

Whether Kovac has heard something of these quarrels? "No."

The confirmed Edmund Stoiber, the chief of the administrative council. The former Bavarian Prime Minister said that image: "Herbert Hainer is a top-of-the-line solution, and with passion and entrepreneurial skills he is able to fill that gap, and the idea of ​​proposing him as candidate for the office of President came from Uli Hoeneß himself good idea." Formally, the right to nominate has the advisory board, but in Bayern, as Uli Hoeneß has built up in just under four decades, there is no body more powerful than his word. Should Hainer receive more than 50 percent of the votes of the members at the annual general meeting, he will thus become the new president of the association and probably also the head of the supervisory board.

The apparently plaudous Stoiber had also betrayed Wednesday, why Hoeness only wants to be a simple member of the Supervisory Board. The annual general meeting in 2018, on which Hoeneß had been booed, had been "a shock". In addition, added Stoiber, "the quarrels with Kalle came to it, the arguments over the trainer". Kovac came in 2018 at the express request of Hoeneß, but this spring questioned the coach at every opportunity the board boss, Karl-Heinz "Kalle" Rummenigge.

Whether he has noticed something of these quarrels, Kovac is asked on Thursday. The coach says, "No."

Kovac is too rhetorically too clever to be caught on this little white lie, he says, "I was busy, I had such a balloon." But the coach will know that his own position in the club also depends on how powerful Hoeneß remains. Kovac therefore positions itself as a Hoeneß confidant, which can not hurt Hainer, perhaps the greatest Hoeneß confidant ever. "Our relationship is very positive, I would like to say: friendly," says Kovac. He tells us that he calls the president on a regular basis, and also that he sees him "during and after the game". Perhaps that says the most about Hoeneß 'omnipotence at Bayern: that the coach sees him even when he, Uli Hoeneß, actually sits in his back on the stands.


Hoeneß retreat at Bayern

"Quarrels with Kalle"

At the reception of FC Bayern in the State Chancellery, Supervisory Board member Edmund Stoiber speaks surprisingly openly about the reasons for the withdrawal of Uli Hoeneß.By Benedikt Warmbrunn

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