News : FC Bayern: Millions in grants from VW! Audi probably can’t handle the deal alone

News : FC Bayern: Millions in grants from VW! Audi probably can’t handle the deal alone

In order to manage the sponsorship deal with Bayern Munich by 2029, Audi will receive millions in grants from the VW Group, reports “Business Insider”. The Ingolstadt-based company has not yet made the co-financing public.

Audi has been paying around 35 million euros a year since the contract was extended at the beginning of 2020. According to information from “Business Insider”, another ten million euros will come from the group’s coffers.

In return, other brands such as VW, Skoda or MAN are also allowed to carry out marketing campaigns with Bayern. Audi confirmed this on request.

FC Bayern had already agreed with BMW

The complicated multi-brand deal has a history. For example, in 2018 BMW started an attempt to replace Audi as the current Bayern sponsor.In March 2019, then Bayern President Uli Hoeneß even presented an agreement with BMW for the future.

Shortly before the contract was signed, the alleged 800 million Eiro deal collapsed again. The BMW management had tried to renegotiate a resignation clause and thus frightened the Bayern management.

Radical austerity measures prescribed after the diesel scandal

As a result, Bavaria and Audi negotiated an extension of the contract, which runs until 2025. The Ingolstadt-based company was hit hard by the diesel crisis, however, a radical austerity course was called for, and tens of thousands of jobs were to be cut.

An expensive sponsorship contract could hardly be arranged and did not receive a majority internally. Audi tied a contract extension to the condition of receiving millions in grants from the group.

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