News : FC Bayern Munich: Former President Josef Kellner was influential Nazi

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FC Bayern Munich: Former President Josef Kellner was influential Nazi

Josef Kellner, President of FC Bayern München from 1938 to 1943, was an influential National Socialist. This reports the SPIEGEL, citing documents from German and Czech archives, which has discovered the historian Markwart Duke.

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According to the Bavarian official Kellner, who became a member of FC Bayern Munich in 1910, betrayed service secrets to the National Socialists during the Weimar Republic and joined the NSDAP in 1933. He rose in the party to the Gauhauptstellenleiter and participated in judgments against officials who had allegedly made state-hostile or had had contacts with Jews.

About Kellner, who was president of the club for almost five years, was hardly known so far. On the website of FC Bayern and in some Bayern chronicles he is falsely referred to as "Dr. Franz Kellner".

Photos with Nazi ministers and party figures

Shortly after his election as Bavarian President in July 1938 Kellner was appointed district administrator in the so-called Sudetengau in today's Czech Republic. Photo documents from this period show him with Nazi ministers and party leaders, even in front of a synagogue just before their destruction in November 1938.

The Bayern president, who signed a "Aryan paragraph" of the club, but had the business of FC Bayern Munich led by his deputy, was arrested at the end of the war in Prague. The Czech authorities accused him of being "tyrannical to the Czechs" and of "having them robbed of their possessions". Kellner died at the end of 1946 and was buried in a community grave in Prague.

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