News : FC Bayern: Nagelsmann type fits better than Flick – but harbors potential for conflict

News : FC Bayern: Nagelsmann type fits better than Flick – but harbors potential for conflict

Record deal in the Bundesliga: The Nagelsmann type suits FC Bayern better than Flick – but harbors potential for conflict

Coach Julian Nagelsmann follows Hansi Flick at FC Bayern – because the latter is no longer interested in “FC Hollywood”. Nagelsmann has qualities to better manage this hustle and bustle. But his style in dealing with the team also harbors potential for conflict.

Julian Nagelsmann already had a guest appearance in Munich. At that time, however, the young 1.90 meter slag still wore the blue jersey of TSV 1860 Munich, for whose youth teams he played as a central defender from 2002 to 2007.

The Landsberg native probably dreamed of his big city rival even then – Nagelsmann publicly admitted years ago that he was a big Bayern fan as a child. After the announcement of the move from RB Leipzig to Bayern, the 33-year-old described it as a “lifelong dream”.

FC Bayern has left its mark on Flick

Nagelsmann is moving to the Isar in July – with a rumored transfer fee of up to 25 million euros, it is the most expensive coach transfer in football history. “The talks with Julian were very cooperative, very constructive. We will have a lot of fun with him, I am convinced,” said Munich Sports Director Hasan Salihamidzic.

The joy on the management floor would have been even greater if they had been able to continue working with Hansi Flick. The triple coach was no longer interested in FC Bayern, he asked the bosses to terminate his contract, which ran until 2023, early.

As soon as he announced his wish to leave, after the game against Wolfsburg, Flick looked relieved and relaxed. The corona pandemic, constant questions about his future, his ongoing quarrel with Salihamidzic, the constant pressure to succeed and the medial magnifying glass that is part of everyday life for the record champions – all of this had left its mark on Flick.

Nagelsmann and Flick: two very different types

Flick is not someone who pushes the limelight with all his might. In his external presentation, the native of Heidelberg was mostly diplomatic and reserved. In contrast to coach self-promoters like José Mourinho, the ex-Bayern professional prefers understatement.

But in the past few months in particular, his patience with representatives of the press tore more and more frequently. Internally, too, there seems to have been a lot of rumbling; Flick’s single-handedly bidding farewell pissed off the bosses.

Nagelsmann is a completely different type. In public appearances, the 33-year-old exudes extreme self-confidence. He seems to enjoy the attention on himself, likes to joke with media representatives and often makes statements that he knows will be picked up on social media. With his extravagant clothing style on the sidelines, Nagelsmann regularly causes a stir.

This self-image should help the coach to manage the background noise at the so-called “FC Hollywood”.

Nagelsmann makes an astronomical ascent

It is a self-image that is based on an exceptional career. After he had to give up his dream of becoming a professional soccer player at the age of 20 due to injury, Nagelsmann focused fully on his coaching career.

His ascent was astronomical, he has been considered an exceptional coaching talent for years. A certain Uli Hoeneß wanted to recruit him from TSG Hoffenheim for Bayern’s U19s back in 2015 – unsuccessfully at the time.

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Instead, Nagelsmann became the head coach in Hoffenheim in February 2016. At just 28 years old, he was not only the youngest coach in Bundesliga history, but also younger than many of his players.

The youngster quickly learned to assert himself, even leading TSG in fourth place in 2017 and qualifying for the Champions League (out against Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool). After moving to Leipzig in 2019, the success continued, in the previous year RB failed until the Champions League semi-finals at Paris Saint-Germain.

Nagelsmann and Bavaria: Where there is a risk of conflict

Nagelsmann’s game philosophy is considered innovative, but his self-image is also reflected in his coaching style.

Especially in the months without fans, it is noticeable at Leipzig games that he consistently calls out specific instructions to the players. Nagelsmann has precise ideas – and expects his men to implement them. If necessary, also by loud commands from the sidelines.

In Leipzig you sometimes have the feeling that the coach is the real star of the team. An aspect that harbors potential for conflict, especially with regard to the Bavarian star ensemble.

It is doubtful that veterans like Manuel Neuer (35), Robert Lewandowski (32) or Thomas Müller (31) like to be coached at every step – especially by a boss who is hardly older or, if in doubt, younger than she and has not yet had any titles at the professional level.

Nagelsmann will have to adapt in Munich

“We change the system too often during the game,” Hoffenheim’s Andre Kramaric once criticized Nagelsmann’s philosophy. The trainer himself emphasizes that he has to give some thought to how he has to tackle different players.

“I’ve developed myself as a person and critically questioned what effect I have on other people. When people don’t know me, they think I’m arrogant. I think I’m self-confident. People’s perception changes when they do get to know me, “he said in an interview with” “in 2020.

Nagelsmann will have to adapt in Munich. If he succeeds, he can be expected to have an era. But if he gets together with the stars, things can quickly go in the opposite direction. The Bayern cabin has eaten other coaches.

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