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FC Bayern retreat: Uli Hoeneß does not hold

Actually, he wanted to contribute to his future FC Bayern Munich first silent. But Uli Hoeneß has confirmed for the first time that he wants to resign from the German soccer record champions Bayern Munich, the offices as club president and supervisory board chairman. Before that, he tells the "kicker": "On August 29, I will inform the Supervisory Board of my decision, before I have any official statement." This Schweegelegelübge has therefore not held the FBC alpha animal. At one point, the 67-year-old left open in the report of Sunday evening, he also announced that he did not want to withdraw completely from FC Bayern.

Uli Hoeness confirms withdrawal at Bayern Munich - but leaves time open

"I remain in the supervisory board, but I preside over the presidency, when the time comes," quoted the Hoeness newspaper on the sidelines of the FC Bayern Charity Golf Cup in Gut Rieden. Just a few days ago, Hoeness reiterated his intention to announce his decision not to run for president again in November on August 29. Before that, there will be no official statement from him.

Herbert Hainer as Hoeneß successor

In the future scenario advocated by Hoeneß, his close friend Herbert Hainer (65) is said to succeed him. The former Adidas boss, also a butcher's son like Hoeneß, should take over his duties in the club leadership and at the head of the nine-member Supervisory Board.

In this case, Hoeneß had until 2022 at the head of the Supervisory Board, which oversees the management of a company confirmed. Everyone is replaceable, "said Hoeneß, who had only celebrated his 40th anniversary on May 1, but once said of his person," one must not imagine that one is irreplaceable.

They are sentences of change. Like Bayern, the change in his team with Transfers as by Philippe Coutinho or Lucas Hernandez he also accelerates at the management level. CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (63) ends in late 2021. The former goalkeeper Oliver Kahn (50) should then take his position at the head of the board. On 1 January 2020, the training of the former captain begins. That's what Hoeneß had done.

As a player, Kahn was an important advertising partner for Adidas, as Hainer was still the boss of the sporting goods manufacturer from Herzogenaurach. And the former top manager was one of the first to visit Hoeneß after being convicted of tax evasion in prison. "Especially in such a situation, true friendship shows," Hainer had said.

Bayern Munich has to work without Uli Hoeneß

Without Hoeness, Bayern will undoubtedly experience a turning point in XXL format. The Munich but also work without the belligerent over-father. After being sentenced to imprisonment for tax evasion, Hoeneß resigned from office in March 2014. At the end of 2016 he celebrated a comeback, meanwhile Rummenigge had led the club successfully as front man.

"What was created here sporty and socially," said Hoeneß at the golf tournament full of pathos about his life's work, "there is not anywhere in the world."

Hoeneß had taken over in 1979 as manager at Bayern and built the club to the German industry leader, after he had previously celebrated great success as a player with the Munich.

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