News : FC Bayern: That says nephew Hoeneß to criticize his promotion

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FC Bayern: That says nephew Hoeneß to criticize his promotion

Sebastian Hoeneß starts his job as U23 coach of Bayern. The criticism of his promotion, the nephew of Uli Hoeneß can not understand.

Hoeness. There is probably no name in football Germany, which polarized so. Sebastian Hoeneß, the nephew of club president Uli Hoeness, had to learn this last too.

On Monday, the 37-year-old joined the succession of Holger Seitz as coach of the U23 of the record champions. The promotion coach will move to the FC Bayern Campus, where he will co-ordinate youth work with the record champion together with Hermann Gerland and Jochen Sauer.

Already at the end of the past season were first rumors about a promotion of the coach with the famous surname loud, which drew reservations among the Bayern fans.

Bayern: Fans against promotion

These made their displeasure in the game against the second representation of SpVgg Greuther Fürth in mid-May with banners air. Seitz has to stay abreast of the words, "Competence beats name!" Was written on a banner, "Great name does not make a great coach" on another.

Of the reservations against his person Sebastian Hoeness, who trained last season nor the U19, allegedly got nothing. After all, his promotion has nothing to do with his name, he says.

Honestly, I did not know anything about the posters, it's quite normal to try to fill vacancies internally, which speaks for continuity, "Hoeness said at a press round at the start of the season. "After Holger (Seitz, d. Red.) has decided to go into the administrative area, this decision has been made, "he continued.

Sebastian Hoeneß: "The name polarises"

In fact, the personnel castling happened on the initiative of Seitz. "The past season with the amateurs was just great, but now I'm really looking forward to the new job and I'm grateful for the great trust of the people in charge and it was my express wish to be able to take on this new role," explained the 44-year-old. Year-old after the announcement of the restructuring in the Bayern substructure.

According to AZ information, Seitz wanted to switch to campus last summer, but was eventually promoted from U17 to U23.

The fact that he is perceived differently due to his last name is normal for successor Sebastian Hoeneß. Of course, this is going to increase now, but the number of strokes will be higher, but that has been with me all my life, my name is Hoeneß, "said the coach. The name polarises, that's why I do not know it any other way. "

This article was written by Bernhard Lackner

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