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FC Ingolstadt - rest at the stove - sports

The FCI leads the third league. It is a sign that the club was able to renew after the big disappointment.

It was just a few words that suddenly popped up on his cell phone when he received a message from his fellow player Björn Paulsen on holiday. More or less two months ago, for example, the display said: "And what's up, will we pack it again?" The FC Ingolstadt 04 had just moved into the third division, the Dane Paulsen nevertheless decided quickly to stay part of the team. This early decision surprised the recipient Marcel Gaus, after all, he still pondered a whereabouts, asked himself time to think of the FCI after eleven seasons as a second division kicker. The descent gnawed at him. "I said clearly before: I do not want to hear from Michael Henke or any of the people in charge, I want to enjoy my vacation," he says with a laugh. He still has something to listen to, not only from Paulsen, but also from Captain Stefan Kutschke and Henke, the Director of Sport. "That makes something with one."

The 30-year-old Gaus, who had previously had no contract for the third league, signed shortly after the start of training a new contract until 2021. His new coach Jeff Saibene appointed him Kutschke's deputy, this Friday opened the FCI as the leader against Hansa Rostock (19 clock) the sixth match day - despite the upheaval around the old and new leaders Paulsen, Kutschke and Gaus around. They faced each other on the first days of training two new groups: those who like Thomas Keller came from the U21, and the accesses such as Caniggia Elva or Peter Kurzweg: "That was very quickly a perfect symbiosis," says Gaus.

He himself, Ingolstadt for two years, can judge that after eleven years Profitum. The strong start in the league with four wins and no defeat actually surprised, considering the teething problems of the past league years. Now, the team has adapted much more nimbly and can hope for a return to the second division, which also has to do with the coach Saibene, who gave the team security quickly: "A good start usually means that it is a good season "said Saibene on Thursday. "You can build on the points you already have."

The young players and the entrances quickly supplemented the core. It was certainly the question of whether the club can renew after the great disappointment and the many departures in the summer. Five of the eleven goals were scored by newly added Maximilian Beister, Fatih Kaya (two each) and Elva for the low-attacking team in the preseason: "Last year it was more like the motto: many cooks spoil the broth," says Gaus, who does not the only one is, in which obviously with more peace at the stove the hunger for the successes rose again. "We had so many potential regulars, and those who want to play, keep everyone happy are difficult then." Henke now put on a small squad, which offers young players more opportunities to play along. But in the course of a 38-game season, which can lead to bottlenecks, which they are also aware of the club.

Like his predecessor Tomas Oral, Saibene builds on a solid defensive position, which matches Gaus, who plays either left-back or six-player. After the 3: 0 last Saturday at KFC Uerdingen, however, Saibene was angry: "The only thing is true is the result", his team "could not play three passes in a row," he said at Magenta Sport. "The games could all have tilted in the other direction," says Gaus. "That should be warning enough for us to stay on the ground now."

He does not know a secret as to why they succeeded so smoothly in the start of the new league. But it might be related to the fact that it is again much calmer at FC Ingolstadt than in the chaotic relegation season, in which one initially calculated career advances in the Bundesliga and then even after four head coaches not managed the league whereabouts. The calm applies to Gaus also in private, he moved in the summer with his family. "I have not thought about the descent since I came back here, the subject was finished." Instead, he tackled it again in the spirit of Paulsen - albeit with some delay.

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