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FC Ingolstadt - Strongly wiped out - Sport

At the end of a six-week break, the relegated player starts the third league season with a happy 2-1 win in Jena. Where the club should be classified in the league, but they do not know at FCI yet.

The choice of words by Michael Henke reveals that it was a bit more turbulent a month and a half ago when FC Ingolstadt 04, back then when the club had to return to the third division after eight years. "We did not have to work up a pile of rubble," says Henke. "But broken pieces were already to turn away." He took that over, after a career change to which he had been forced. However, he admits quickly, the scenes at the office in early June did not resemble those in a mafia movie.

Forced by him no higher power or even a person in charge such as the chairman of the club, Peter Jackwerth - has forced Henke himself: "I felt after the descent simply committed to help this club," says the 62-year-old. The club wanted to involve the longtime assistant coach, and then there was the vacancy in the new sports leadership duo as director of sports next to the technical director Florian toe, previously scouting head of the FCI.

18 players have left - there were ten entrants and coach Jeff Saibene

Henke reached out and first wiped his nose vigorously - ten players and new coach Jeff Saibene came, 18 went. Henke managed this six-week break at least so well that the Ingolstadt started on Monday after a 2-1 (0-0) at FC Carl Zeiss Jena content into the season. Henkes Credo, in the league "from the outset to play a reasonable role, to be competitive", so the players out. Although Saibene noted, "We still have a lot of room for improvement." Finally Ingolstadt turned the game after the 0: 1 by René Eckardt (56th minute) by two own goals of the Jena Marian Sarr (60./72.). So they do not know exactly where to start in the league hierarchy.

It is still a small experiment that started the FCI in the summer: Henke and toe had previously had little experience in responsible positions. Her job until then was mainly to spend a lot of time on the lawn. Toe watched footballers, Henke coached her and became the most famous co-trainer and one of the country's biggest experts. A little lacking the green lawn under the stud shoes therefore already in the new office job, he says. Twice he won on the side of Ottmar Hitzfeld the Champions League - 1997 with Borussia Dortmund and 2001 with Bayern. With Hitzfeld Henke calls regularly, of course he has talked about the late job change - and learn: "He thinks that's good." Because he worked after the time with Hitzfeld especially in Ingolstadt, Henke has an advantage: He knows the FCI created in 2004 as very few.

So Henke met after the descent with his squad composition quickly the nerve of the fans, who longed for more identification with their club. "We now have a mix of young, old and medieval," says Henke, with an average age of 24.2 years, the FCI is one of the league's youngest teams. In addition to experienced players such as the defenders Peter Kurzweg and Michael Heinloth, Henke also trained talents trained at the FCI. In Jena, the two 19-year-old Fatih Kaya and Thomas Keller were in the starting eleven - the peers Patrick Sussek and Filip Bilbija came on as a substitute. Just Keller defended as routinely as defending players who are twice their age.

More experienced midfielder Konstantin Kerschbaumer, 27, who was described as "king transfer" the previous year, but did not quite convince in the second division and now wants to leave the club, had to stay in Ingolstadt on Monday. If you like, he has been replaced as the most important access of the season another: Maximilian Beister, in the preseason best scorer in league rivals Uerdingen - and something like the first transfer coup of Henke, who committed him by opting out clause. "We were looking for someone like him," says Henke. "Also, because he knows the third league, it's important that as a freshman you get the third league quickly - and that's where players are good at."

How much, that showed Beister in Jena, where he made the strongest impression on the offensive. Again and again he moved with fast twists and turns past the opponents. He was also the one who brought out the two free kicks on his right wing, which led to the FCI goals. Only his teammate Maximilian Wolfram fired in the area Sarr with full force, this faked the ball from his own goal. Shortly thereafter Beister flanked the free kick itself, Jenas Anton Donker headed to Sarr, again the ball flew from him into the goal.

Considering that Beister was the only attacker who made a great impression, the storm could still grow. Henke says, "Our framework stands, we have great faith in the players." But: "We are still open on all sides, something can happen." After all, Henke, who has been working in professional football for 30 years, knows that games are not always as happy as they were on Monday: "In football, sometimes a ball goes out of the inner post instead of into the goal, which remains unpredictable." And if you like, then the FCI has had enough luck.

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