News : FC Rottach-Egern vs Bayern Munich live – dress rehearsal for DFB Cup

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FC Rottach-Egern vs Bayern Munich live - dress rehearsal for DFB Cup

+++ Test match live +++: Live Ticker: Bayern makes it even before the break double digits - Tolisso with hat-trick

Dress rehearsal for FC Bayern, absolute highlight for FC Rottach-Egern: As part of the training camp on Lake Tegernsee the record champion tests against the local ninth division. It's about the final fine tuning before the DFB Cup match on Monday.

FC Rottach-Egern - Bayern 0:11 (0:11)

FC Bayern: New (29th Früchtl) - Zaiser, Süle, Mai, Davies - Sanches, Thiago, Tolisso - Gnabry, Lewandowski, Dajaku.

Gates: 0: 1 Sanches (7th), 0: 2 Dajaku (8th), 0: 3 Lewandowsi (9th), 0: 4 Lewandowsi (16th), 0: 5 Sanches (20th), 0: 6 Lewandowski ( 29.), 0: 7 Gnabry (34.), 0: 8 Tolisso (38.), 0: 9 Tolisso (40.), 0:10 Tolisso (41.), 0:11 Tolisso (42.)

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FC Rottach-Egern against Bayern, 0:11 at the break

Halftime on Tegernsee, Bayern leads against the ninth division FC Rottach-Egern 11-0. Will this year be zero for the Munich team or will the amateurs win one or even two honors?

45th minute: The last seconds of the first half are running.

42 minutes: goal for Bayern! What's up with Tolisso? The fourth goal in a row for the midfielder, he only needed five minutes!

41 minutes: goal for Bayern! There is the perfect hat-trick for Corentin Tolisso, within just four minutes, the World Champion nets three times.

40th Minute: goal for Bayern! Tolisso wants to know, the Frenchman gets a nice lup from Lewandowski buttery down and pushes to 9: 0.

38 minutes: Goal for Bayern! The World Champion makes the booth to 0: 8 humorless, he coldly loads the keeper. The Bayern have scored more goals before the break than a year ago against the Rottacher, then it was after 45 minutes 7: 2.

34 minutes: goal for Bayern! Serge Gnabry wanted the hit after he was already two or three times not einnetzen. But now he succeeds to the 0: 7 after Renato Sanches had started a solo run over half the field.

32nd minute: The mood on the Bayern Bank has been resolved, as Niko Kovac, Robert Kovac, Hansi Flick and Sporting Director Hasan Salihamidzic are skipping.

29 minutes: Goal for Bayern! There is the three-pack for Robert Lewandowski, who leaves the keeper at full speed and easily einschiebt to 0: 6. Immediately after the match Manuel Neuer leaves the field, Christian Früchtl arrives.

27 minutes: The record champion loosely combines with the ranks of the home side who, however, make a bold appearance here and make an effort to sell themselves well. The men of the Tegernsee are not lacking in fighting spirit and morale.

22nd minute: Rottach-Keeper Grafunder remains winner in the one-on-one duel with Serge Gnabry, very strong action of the goalie!

20th Minute: goal for Bayern! Renato Sanches raised to 0: 5 after the ball circulated safely through the ranks of the Munich team several times. Of course, the hosts have their problems with the pace of the Munich passing game.

16 minutes: Goal for Bayern! After a nice pass from Serge Gnabry looks Robert Leandowski Keeper Grafunde and latches him in the style of a world-class striker - 0: 4.

13 minutes: Of course Bayern dominated against the ninth division, the events, but at least keeps the Rottacher defense close for more than four minutes. As a reminder, last year it was after 90 minutes 20: 2 for Bayern Munich.

9th Minute: goal for Bayern! Now, the scorer contributes from the service itself in the scorer list, Lewandowski increased after a dance with the keeper to 0: 3.

8 minutes: Goal for Bayern! There is the double strike and again Robert Lewandowski is the preparer. This time, Leon Dajaku transforms his wish - 0: 2.

7th Minute: goal for Bayern! Robert Lewandowski fueled on the half-left side to the goal line, crosses, where a Rottach defender can still fend off, but there is Renato Sanches ready to shoot - 0: 1.

6th minute: Almost the lead for the Bayern! Leon Dajaku gets the leather and is alone in front of goalkeeper Domingo Grafunder, wants to put the ball in the short corner, but pushes it past the box.

4th minute: After a double pass with Robert Lewandowski Renato Sanches dribbles himself, the leather trickles him through the legs into the gate. The initial phase survives the FC Rottach-Egern already harmless.

1st minute: Look, the first goal kick action has the home side after about 30 seconds. Dangerous, the action was then but not really, the leather goes far.

1 minute: The ball rolls on Tegernsee!

FC Rottach-Egern against Bayern, information before the game

6:30 pm: The players are there and, of course, before the kick-off, the photo of the team with both teams is not missing.

17.45 clock: The lineup of the German record champion is here. In the defense, in addition to the experienced Niklas Süle, the yongsters Maximilian Zaiser and Lars Lukas Mai ran, left defends Alphonso Davies. An interesting youngster can also be found on the offensive, new signing Leon Dajaku (came from VfB Stuttgart) may prove himself. Definitely not going to play today are Javi Martinez (knee problems) and Jerome Boateng, who got a slight punch in the morning session.

17.00 clock: In the last test match before the start of the competitive season (apart from the Supercup duel with Dortmund in the past weeks) meets the FC Bayern Munich as part of the training camp on Tegernsee on the local heroes of FC Rottach-Egern. This duel had been there a year ago, then won the record champions with 20: 2 (7: 2). The result does not play the big role again, it's about the fine-tuning for the upcoming season.

The game on Tegernsee is the dress rehearsal before the first round in the DFB Cup, which will lead FC Bayern on Monday to the regional league FC Energie Cottbus. The prelude to the Bundesliga will rise on Friday, August 16 in Munich against Hertha BSC.

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