News : FC Schalke 04: Without fresh millions there is a risk of 6 points being deducted

News : FC Schalke 04: Without fresh millions there is a risk of 6 points being deducted

FC Schalke 04 intends to raise almost 16 million euros through a new bond. The money is to be used to be able to raise repayments from an older bond. However, the securities prospectus that has now been published contains piquancy, as reported by the “Bild” newspaper.

Accordingly, the club received its second division license on the condition that it could prove its economic efficiency by the deadline of September 15. If this does not succeed, the Ruhrpott-Club will be deducted six points directly in the start phase of the new season. The first matchday will take place at the end of July.

A vicious circle! Because in order to get out of his financial misery, Schalke urgently need to return to the 1st Bundesliga, where the income is significantly higher.

Schalke Chief Financial Officer: “We have done our homework”

CFO Christina Rühl-Hamers is calm on the outside. “We are in an intensive exchange with the DFL, have done our homework and included options for action for all possible scenarios in our planning,” she told the “Bild” newspaper. It is safe to assume that you will be able to meet all the requirements.

What speaks for the Schalke: According to the report, the extension of the contract with the main sponsor Gazprom, which rinses around ten million euros a year into the coffers, had not yet been taken into account in the license application.

What speaks against the Schalke: The squad is still far too expensive. Quite a few professionals are sitting on highly lucrative contracts and the corona pandemic is making the situation on the market more difficult. The other clubs also have to keep an eye on their money.

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