News : FC St. Pauli vs. Holstein Kiel live: Current scores 2: 1

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FC St. Pauli vs. Holstein Kiel live: Current scores 2: 1

90th min + 5th min

That should have been it from us. We say goodbye and thank you very much for the interest. Next Friday, the ball will roll again in the 2nd Bundesliga, from 18.15 clock we report on the match between promotion candidate Nuremberg and FC Heidenheim and the duel between Sandhausen and Darmstadt. Until then!

90th min + 5th min

With now four counters on the account, the FC St. Pauli moves past Holstein Kiel in the table. But only the better goal difference brings him 14th place, while the KSV is only one place away from the relegation zone. New coach André Schubert and his storks are still waiting for a lot of work! More than approaches were (still) not recognizable.

90th min + 5th min

Fighting Paulians win first season win. It is done, the FC St. Pauli has retracted his first three on Matchday 4! Before sold-out house in the Millerntor Stadium, however, the hosts were required everything. A brilliantly placed goalkeeper Himmelmann and a sparkling clean counter to 2: 0 were the deciding factors in favor of the FCSP. Kiel pushed for the equalizer after the 0: 1, but sacrificed defensive stability in return. The revenge against efficient hamburgers who brought in the closing phase with great morale the short result over time.

Next matches FC St. Pauli: Dynamo Dresden (A), Hamburger SV (H), VfL Osnabrück (A)
Next Games Holstein Kiel: FC Erzgebirge Aue (H), 1. FC Heidenheim (A), Hannover 96 (H)

90th min + 5th min

Finn Becker (l.) And FC St. Pauli fight with their last power a 2-1 win over Holstein Kiel. Photo: Christian Charisius, dpa

90th min + 5th min

Then it's over! FC St. Pauli beat Holstein Kiel 2-1.

Gates: 1: 0 James Lawrence (49), 2: 0 Christian Conteh (66), 2: 1 Makana Baku (81)

90th min + 5th min

Johannes van den Bergh is only partially satisfied with the decision of the referee, vehemently demanding a warning for Knoll. But in the end he sees that himself!

90th min + 4th min

Baku still pushes tirelessly, nibbles the first two opponents in dribbling. Then Knoll goes to action - and resolves the Kieler resolutely.

90th min + 3rd min

Kiel's Hauke ​​Wahl also sees a yellow card in the final moments of the match.

90th min + 3rd min

It is hardly necessary Yellow-red card for Matt Penney! The already warned Paulianer deals with the traffic light card because of Ballwegschlagens in midfield.

90th min + 2nd min

Diamantakos holds the ball close to the corner flag. Only the opponent he does not hit, that was actually his goal. Ball possession KSV.

90th min

St. Pauli wavers, but Kiel lacks the spirit: In the final meters, the guests almost without exception resort to long balls. They often get very inaccurate, and are even more likely to easily prey on the defensive of the FCSP. The regular season has ended in the meantime ...

88th min

Kiel wants the draw: Baku puts van den Bergh on the left with a double pass. The veteran then puts down for Khelifi, whose shot from ten meters at the last moment is still blocked. Very important defense action of the hamburger!

85. min

Maximum sentence for Holsteins David Atanga. Only come to the break for the match, the Ghanaian now already down again. Salim Khelifi may participate in the closing phase instead.

84th min

St. Pauli changes for the last time: Waldemar Sobota enters the turf, the exhausted Christian Conteh hobbling under the frenetic applause of the spectators from the field.

82. min

Inevitably, we remember the statistics, how many points St. Pauli has already given after his own leadership out of hand ... Rescue the Kiezclub today his first league threesome on the finish line?

81. min

... and the KSV delivers immediately: Baku moves from the right to the inside, and then from 15 meters with his strong right the ball powerfully into the long corner to sleep. There is even a sky man in top shape powerless. Game on!

81. min

Toooor! Kiel's Makana Baku shortens to 2: 1!

80th min

With deflected shots Pauli now brings out two corner kicks within a few seconds. The bring hardly Torgefahr - but take time from the clock. The KSV is in demand!

79th min

Meanwhile, Conteh lies on the ground with a pained face. Where he could have hurt himself was not apparent. Or is he simply exhausted the day before his 20th birthday? Conteh was definitely on the way.

76th min

But Holstein does not let up: The relegation participant for the Bundesliga promotion 2017/18 comes in Person of Atanga to the next good chance. Four meters in front of the Pauli case, he puts down a shot, on the lightning-fast reacting Himmelmann leads but also for him no way around. A brilliant foot reflex prevents the connection hit!

74th min

Pauli leaves Kiel now the game device - and moves consistently in the defense. Disciplined they stand on their opponents on their feet, the first win of the season is within reach!

73. min

Thus, the storks involuntarily continue a series. No team had scored less goals than Holstein (3) before kick-off in this league season - although the storks scored the most shots in the league (59). Not least this phase just proves: It hapers at the efficiency before the opponent's goal!

70th min

Bitter for Holstein: Kiel had just bitten into the encounter and had appeared several times dangerous before the gate of the Hamburg, but the hosts achieve the 2: 0. Football, bloody hell!

68th min

Just now he was suspended in the crucial sprint duel before the 0: 2, now Kiels Aleksandar Ignjovski complains too loud about a referee decision - and sees the yellow card.

67th min

Jos Luhukay reacted immediately, he brings Niklas Hoffmann instead of the leached Finn Becker into play.

66th min

After a switchover, the FCSP scored the second goal: Diamantakos sees the drowning Conteh. The youngster can no longer be caught up in high speed by Ignovski - and remains cool ten meters in front of the box of the opponent and pushes to 2: 0. The preliminary decision?

66th min

Toooor! Christian Conteh raises to 2: 0 for St. Pauli!

64th min

The hosts now barricade their own sixteenth with two very deep quads. Only Diamantakos and Møller Dæhli lurk on ball wins to initiate counter situations.

63. min

It seems as if the 0-1 deficit has woken the players from the far north. Only now the Kieler indicate their playful potential increasingly, the FC St. Pauli with self-sacrificing fight against it. We are looking forward to an emotionally charged 30 minutes rest time!

61. min

The subsequent standard fizzles ineffective. The referee whistles for possession, possession FCSP.

61. min

Now Paulis Matt Penney comes in the yellow box: He is bad at a high ball on his side, before he fouls Lee quite plump.

60th min

The storks sniff the equalizer: From the penalty area Serra pulls off flat, meets with his weaker left foot but only the post from a central position. There was not much missing!

57th min

Great chance for Kiel! Van den Bergh refueled on the left and served Lee with a Maßflanke. Six meters in front of the goal, he is allowed to head to the head, but Pauli goalkeeper Himmelmann throws the South Korean off the mark and fishes the ball off the line. Glanztat!

56th min

Pauli continues to pressure: Becker delayed first smart, then Conteh on the right with a steep pass. However, the 19-year-old Jungstürmer does not bring the ball to the teammate.

55th min

In that situation James Lawrence (M.) crossed the line in the 49th minute. It is 1: 0 for St. Pauli. Photo: Christian Charisius, dpa

54th min

For the second half, the Hamburg have changed their formation, now playing in a 4-1-4-1 system. With the leadership in the back of the district club can think of a stable defense and raid-like counter-attacks. Much work is waiting for the KSV Holstein!

51. min

The interim result is highly deserved. However, the Hamburg appendix should be warned: While their FC St. Pauli on the first three matchdays of this league season leapfrogged the most points for leadership league (5), no team brought more counters to a backlog than opponent Holstein Kiel (4, like Heidenheim)! Hopefully we can expect an exciting 40 minutes.

49th min

The access of RSC Anderlecht scored his first goal in the first game for the FCSP! Mats Møller Dæhli takes a half-field free kick into the center from the left. KSV goalkeeper Reimann comes only hesitantly from the line - and is punished for it: The Welshman Lawrence prevails in a dogfight and heads to 1: 0.

49th min

Tooooor! James Lawrence puts FC St. Pauli in the lead, 1-0.

47th min

The new guy gets involved in a constructive way, dribbles with a pull from left to the inside. From the crowd, he pokes the ball to the right, where Baku can drop a shot. From seven meters, however, the only hits the outside net!

46th min

Also Holstein Kiel indulges in a fresh force: David Atanga comes back into the game, Lion Lauberbach remains in the locker room.

46th min

FC St. Pauli exchanges for the first time during the break: Kevin Lankford replaces Jan-Philipp Kalla.

46th min

The second half is running, go on!

45th min + 1st min

Bold hamburgers bring Kiel into the bredouille. The goalless draw is flattering from Holstein's point of view. The storks barely made sizable passes, only with a quick free kick they could summon Torgefahr. Quite different is the FC St. Pauli: With verve the Hamburg players throw themselves in every single fight and in the attack third runs the ball well. Only in the conclusion it still lacks the necessary luck. We can look forward to an exciting second round - still nothing is decided here!

45th min + 1st min

Shortly after, break! At halftime it is 0: 0 between St. Pauli and Holstein Kiel.

45th min

Next, Mühling can try to execute a standard. Even his half-field ball is played without conviction, again St. Pauli can defuse the situation.

43. min

After a slight loss of the Hamburg Hamburger in midfield, Baku sets off on the journey. But after a few meters, Kalla attaches to his heels - ultimately stibitzt the ball. The application is correct at FCSP!

42. min

At the other end of the field, Lee hangs a dormant ball. The South Korean finally circled the artificial leather from half left to the penalty spot. But his cross does not find his target, Pauli heads off the ball from the danger zone.

40th min

FC St. Pauli continues to work on the lead - and that would be earned by now: Mats Møller Dæhli gets through on the right, then fits in sharply in the middle. Again, Neumann is positioned brilliantly and can clear before the ready to shoot Conteh.

38th min

Around the midline, the home side of the ball leading guest actor with vigor. Two compact quads make life difficult for the Kielers, so far nothing has been seen of the liquid combination game of Holsteiner!

35th min

The due free kick Ötcan chips almost desperately into the storm center. The ball is long in the air, St. Pauli's defensive can be so easily - and the situation also clean up. Symptomatic scene for the appearance of storks so far!

34th min

Second yellow for the Hamburg: Ryo Miyaichi comes in Tackling a step too late and is warned.

33. min

The new man also has start-up problems: Serra is served on the left wing. However, the tall U21 international then loses the ball. Usually he can better use his massive body ...

30 min

The host takes control in this phase. Kiel is still too flawed. Next example: Van den Bergh transports the artificial leather leisurely into the attack third. His flank from the half-field, however, finds no takers. Uninspired!

28. min

Kiel's Hauke ​​Wahl gets St. Paulis Christian Conteh (r.) Off his feet. Photo: Christian Charisius, dpa

27. min

Suddenly the KSV has to change for the first time: Philipp Sander seems to have muscular problems with his thigh and has to give way early for striker Janni Serra.

26. min

The unusual "headdress" does not seem to hinder him: Becker collects a second ball on the opponent's sixteenth, then deducts goal from 18 meters goal away. The skull of Neumann but is the last stop, the Kiel defender is absolutely right.

24. min

Meanwhile, Finn Ole Becker has suffered a laceration on his head. The 19-year-old, however, is tough, is on the sidelines grabbed briefly and bandaged - and it continues on for the midfielder.

21st min

The first warning of the match: Paulis Jan-Philipp Kalla is overrun by Baku, then only knows how to help with a foul. Yellow is understandable!

19th min

The Paulians form in a 4-4-2. Mats Møller Dæhli is to play the doubles as playmaker with feeds.

17. min

Again, St. Pauli first looks for the way through the middle, again there is no room. Miyaichi then prevails strongly on the right, laying back smartly from the baseline. Mats Møller Dæhli moves straight from the backcourt, but his nine-yard shot is also blocked. Thick thing for the hamburgers who pay more!

14th min

Özcan proves its qualities: The ex-Cologne fits with a free kick thoughtfully on the incoming Lauberbach. In the penalty area, however, the striker can push himself away, FCSP keeper Himmelmann steers his shot from an acute angle ultimately with a great reflex to the corner. It does not bring anything. The Kiezklub can be surprised for the first time!

12. min

So we are witness to a lively start at the sold-out Millerntor. Both teams want to use press actions to force the opponents to make mistakes in the build-up of the game and are looking for their own way forward. We can only be right!

11. min

Then the first offensive sign of life of the hamburger: Diamantakos is exemplary through to Miyaichi, who travels directly to the Greeks. However, he misses the right moment for the conclusion, makes a dangling too much. So the away team can block his attempt. There was more in it for the FCSP!

10. min

Kiel Lee lurks at the edge before he is sent by air ball into the top. But quickly the flag goes up on the sidelines: offside!

8. min

On the opposite side, Conteh pulls on the sprint and chooses the way through the middle. But there is no way through for the youngster, Kiel is massaged in the head office.

5. min

A little later, van den Bergh is freed on the left. He uses his space and lifts the ball precisely to the center. There rises Lauberbach high, his head from twelve meters but stunted. The first approach of Torgefahr!

3rd min

For the first time, Kiel's new entry Özcan is being searched for on the left wing. But Kalla is close to the man - and can conquer the gaming device.

2nd min

Even today, Holstein again trusts a five-way bar in defense. From the middle of the opponent's half, they attack the ball-bearing Paulians.

1st min

The kickoff sounds, the ball is released!

preliminary report

The choice of location is: Kiel comes first.

preliminary report

In the meantime, headed Referee Markus Schmidt the protagonists and their assistants on the field. So we do not have to wait much longer!

preliminary report

Alongside captain Christopher Avevor (fibula fracture and syndesmosis tear) and Ih-yeong Park (shoulder surgery), two well-known offensive forces continue to be unavailable: Henk Veerman and new signing Borys Tashchy fall in the longer term due to a cruciate ligament or muscle bundle tear out.

preliminary report

FC St. Pauli offers the following starting staff: Robin Himmelmann - Jan-Philipp Kalla, James Lawrence, Daniel Buballa, Matt Penney - Marvin Knoll, Finn Becker - Ryo Miyaichi, Mats Møller Dæhli, Christian Conteh - Dimitrios Diamantakos

preliminary report

Injured missing the sixth of the preseason only right-back Jannik Dehm because of his shin fracture. Significantly shorter he has to do without midfield organizer Jonas Meffert, who is currently serving a red card.

preliminary report

The South Korean left foot is allowed to play today from the start as well. The beginning of the Holsteiner in the overview: Dominik Reimann - Aleksandar Ignjovski, Phil Neumann, Hauke ​​Wahl - Philipp Sander, Alexander Mühling, Salih Özcan, Johannes van den Bergh - Lion Lauberbach, Makana Baku - Jae-Sung Lee

preliminary report

Holstein head coach André Schubert is also experimenting with the tactical orientation of his new team. The most recent attempt, the Change to a defensive fiver chain, paid off against the KSC on Matchday 3, on the offensive, however, sparkled Kiel's double-scorer Jae-sung Lee.

preliminary report

On the contrary: under new coach Jos Luhukay the Kiez club has so far found no root formation and a new hierarchy has not yet formed within the team. Four up and coming talents (Becker, Hoffmann, Lankford, Conteh) were in the starting eleven at the recent away match in Stuttgart not older than 20 years are. Undoubtedly exciting times for the club of the Elbe!

preliminary report

Only a respectable 6-0 win against the sixth division FSV Salmrohr in the first round of the Cup brought the keen Kiel self-confidence. Such a clear sense of achievement remained the host of today two weeks ago against a unterklassigen representative denied: St. Pauli struggled against the fourth division VfB Lübeck in the DFB Cup only to a 7: 6 penalty shootout. A playful turn for the better has not been seen since.

preliminary report

The guests of KSV Holstein drove last Sunday in the home game against the promoted from Karlsruhe (2: 1), after all, the first victory in this season, but they are not satisfied with the season so far. Because before the storks against Sandhausen (1: 1) and in Darmstadt (0: 2) also started with little success in the league operation, 14th place with four points the consequence.

preliminary report

What awaits us in this northern duel? Certainly two teams who want to make amends! The Hamburg are after losing to Fürth (1: 3) and last at VfB (1: 2) and a draw before the season opener in Bielefeld (1: 1) with only one point on the penultimate rank 17, restlessness is slowly spreading wide the Heiligengeistfeld around the Millerntor.

preliminary report

Good evening and welcome! The final act of the 4th matchday of this still young second league season 2019/2020 is due: FC St. Pauli receives Holstein Kiel!

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