News : Federer – Nadal in live ticker: Mr. Wimbledon wins first set in tiebreak

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Federer - Nadal in live ticker: Mr. Wimbledon wins first set in tiebreak

Wimbledon, men's semi-final: Federer - Nadal in live ticker: Giant duel in the Wimbledon semi-final

The semi-final between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal electrifies Wimbledon. After the first round of semi-finals on Friday between Novak Djokovic and the Spanish surprise semi-finalist Roberto Bautista Agut, the two tennis stars will enter the Center Court.

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Rafael Nadal - Roger Federer 6: 7, 6: 1

19.07 clock: Nadal uses his first set point and wins the second set.

19:06: Federer collects the next break. Now Nadal serves for the set win.

19:04: A return ball from Nadal is slowed down by the net and Federer uses the chance for a lush forehand punch in the empty field.

19.01 clock: Nadal immediately relents and also wins his serve game. 4: 1 for the Mallorcan.

18:58: Nadal with the first break of the match! Federer with too many mistakes in his backhand.

6:52 pm: The left-hander fends off both breakballs from Federer and then develops the advantage with his strong forehand. Nadal has the ace following: 2: 1 in the second set for the Spaniard.

18:51: Nadal runs expectantly back, then surprised Federer with the elegant Dropshot. Two breakballs for the Swiss.

18:47: Debut for the third! Nadal's ball is then too long, flies far into the side. At the next serve Federer lands the deciding ace and wins the game.

6:45 pm: Second break chance for Nadal, again Federer can fend off. Then the Swiss plays a great return ball. Advantage Federer.

18:43: First break chance for Nadal, but Federer equalizes immediately on debut.

18:43: Nadal now pushes Federer on his backhand side - with success. 30:30.

18:41: Serve Federer, then Nadal plays a short return with the backhand. Great technique of the Spaniard.

Federer gets the first set in the tiebreak

18:39: Nadal serves at the beginning of the second set and wins the game.

6:30 pm: 7: 3 in the tie-breaker: Federer gets the set!

18:28: Federer comes to the net, Nadal tries it with praise. A tic to long, the ball is in the off. 3: 3 in the tie-break.

18:25: Federer strikes and comes thanks to his good footwork again and again strong forehand. Then Nadal overcomes him with a terrific longball and scores the point. 1: 0 for Nadal in the tie-break.

18:23: Nadal keeps calm and wins the game. It comes to the tie-break.

6:22 pm: Deuce!

18:18: 6: 5 for Federer, the characters stand on Tie-Break.

18.08 clock: Nadal wins his service game, 4: 4 in the first set.

18.07 clock: Rally over 21 strokes! Federer has the opportunity to break, but Nadal resists fulminant. Debut.

6 pm: After seven games there is nothing to be found for the return player. Federer and Nadal drive their serve games so far home sovereign.

17:58: Nadal wins his next serve with a rich ace.

17.55: Federer sets standards in terms of its service game. 80 percent of its previous bonuses land in the field. 3: 2 for the eightfold Wimbledon champion.

17:53: Nadal draws equal, 2: 2. However, the Spaniard is a little uncertain at the start of this semi-final on his first serve, which does not always end in the field.

5:50 pm: The Swiss also carries out his second service match.

5:45 pm: Nadal serves outstanding and wins his first serve without giving a single point. 1: 1.

17:42: Federer is no nakedness and wins his first serve.

17.40 clock: Let's go! Federer with the serve.

17:34: The Swiss and the Spaniard play easily.

5.30 pm: Federer and Nadal come to the center court with great cheers.

Novak Djokovic - Roberto Bautista Agut: 6: 2, 4: 6, 6: 3, 6: 2

5 pm: Djokovic wins! The Serb is in the final of Wimbledon.

16:59: Advantage Djokovic, again match ball.

16:58: Debut.

16:58: Advantage Djokovic. Fourth match ball for the Wimbledon titleholder.

16:57: Debut for the second.

16:56: Debut in the decisive game.

16:51: Djokovic increases to 5: 1. A game is missing the Serb now still to the finals - the Serb served.

16:46: Djokovic wins his serve and then picks up the second break of the set. 4: 1 - Djoker now stands with one leg in the Wimbledon final.

16:41: There's the break - 2: 1 for Djokovic. Does Bautista Agut withstand the pressure now?

16.30 o'clock: The Spaniard, who deflected several breakballs successfully, gets the game. 1-0 for Bautista Agut in the fourth set.

16:29: The first game of the fourth set is now over ten minutes. Bautista Agut has a markup.

Djokovic wins the third set

16:17: Set win Djokovic! The Serbian gets the third set with a net scooter.

16:09: Bautista Agut has the chance to break at the 30:40 level from the attacking Djokovic, but then the Serb wins the point with a nice longball. With two more point wins Djokovic has the game. 5: 2 in the third set.

4:04 pm: Djokovic raises the victory fist in the air! On the net, the Serb smashes the crucial point against Bautista Agut and gets the break.

16.01 clock: Who gets the first break in this third set? Djokovic is slowly getting back into the game, his body language is becoming increasingly self-confident.

15:57: Arriving at serve Djokovic, then the Serb stays cool and gets the game.

15:55: Djokovic has a long ball run by Bautista Agut in the belief that it will fly out. The ball is visible, however, the Serb is annoyed.

15:44: Djokovic wins his first serve, Bautista Agut does the same. 1: 1 in the third set.

Bautista Agut with the set compensation against Djokovic

15:35: Bautista Agut wins the set with a power scooter!

3:33 pm: 40:30 for Bautista Agut. Set ball for the Spaniard.

3:32 pm: 30:30 after a long rally. Djokovic braced himself against the loss of set.

15:29: Bautista Agut drinks a sip of water under his parasol on the bench. Now the Spaniard is serving for the set win.

3:24 pm: Bautista Agut can not be confused, picks up the service game. 5: 3 for the Spaniard.

3:22 pm: Djokovic is waiting for his first break of this second set. At the score of 3: 4 and defeats Bautista Agut, the Serb drives the Spaniard from side to side with a risky game.

15.07 clock: Dungeon, then comes with 23 strokes for the longest rally of the game. Advantage Djokovic, then shortened Djokovic to 2: 3.

15:04: Continue on Center Court.

15:02: The referee receives a phone call, it seems a spectator in the stands not good. The game is interrupted first.

15.01 clock: Bautista Agut wins his serve game. 3: 1 in the second set.

14:56: Djokovic exchanges the bat again, this time it does not use anything - Bautista Agut gets the break! The Spaniard leads 2: 1 in the second set.

Djokovic slips out, but clearly wins the first set

14:47: The first sentence goes very clearly to Djokovic!

14:46: Set ball for Djokovic.

14:44: At 15:15 Djokovic exchanges his racket.

14:42: Djokovic wins his serve game without a point loss and an ace to finish. 5: second

14:40: Bautista Agut wins his serve game.

14:32: With an outstanding forehand Djokovic makes the last point forgotten. 30:30. Then Djokovic gets the game. 4: 1 for the Serb.

14:31: Oops! Djokovic falls on the net and misses the felt ball. 30:15 at serve Djokovic.

24:27: Bautista Agut wins his serve game for the first time this afternoon! After a double debut Djokovic plays the ball too long.

14:22: The center court applauded: Djokovic also gets his second opening game and leads after just under ten minutes already 3-0.

14:21: Djokovic plays the ball long net out, debut.

14:17: Djokovic takes the break at Bautista Agut's first serve.

14:16: Two breakballs for Djokovic.

14:13: Djokovic only gives one point and confidently wins the first game.

14:11: The semifinals is opened, Djokovic strikes first.

2 pm: Players come to the sacred turf on Church Road. In a few minutes it starts.

12:17: Welcome to the FOCUS online live ticker of the Wimbledon semi-finals of the men. It starts at 2 pm Novak Djokovic against Spaniard Roberto Bautista Agut. This is followed by the eternal tennis classic between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. So we can look forward to top tennis!

Background: For the first time since 2008, the Swiss Federer and Spaniard Nadal face each other again at the grass tournament in southwest London. "It's a unique situation, it's exciting to have this opportunity again," said 33-year-old Nadal. "It means a lot to me and probably also to him."

Eleven years ago, the left-hander had the upper hand in the last Wimbledon clash in the fifth set with 9: 7 prevail. Five weeks ago, the world number two won the semi-finals of the French Open in Paris sovereign in three sets. "Playing on grass or on sand is probably the biggest change in tennis," Nadal said.

Before the match in Paris, the world ranking third Federer had prevailed six times in succession. Overall, that is WimbledonSemi-final now the 40th duel of the two tennis greats. The Mallorquin leads in direct comparison with 25:14. Lawn, however, is considered Federer's special coating, having already triumphed on London's Church Road eight times. "It's going to be difficult," said the 37-year-old. "Rafa can hurt anyone on any surface, he's not just a clay court specialist."

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