News : Festival of the Spanish 'milqui' in Glasgow

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Festival of the Spanish 'milqui' in Glasgow

Esther Guerrero, in an archive image / David Ramírez

The Burgos Jesús Gómez, with a time of 3: 37.22, the Barcelona Esther Guerrero with 4: 07.47 and Soriana Marta Pérez with 4: 07.88 on Saturday they got personal marks at 1,500 meters indoors during the Glasgow meeting of the World Indoor Tour. In the 1,500 men, Jesús Gómez finished third with 3: 37.22, personal brand and best Spanish brand of the last eleven years. The Kenyan Bethwell Birgen beat with his best mark of the year (3: 36.22), and behind the Polish Marcin Lewandowski beat Gómez with 3: 37.13.

The Galician Adrian Ben, a finalist in 800 meters in the last Doha World Cup, fell to the ground in a clash with Kenyan Vincent Kibet when he was well placed and strong, according to the Spanish Federation. He reached the finish line with 3:51.26. Next Friday will run the 800 meters test of the Villa Villa rally in Madrid.

Guerrero, best Spanish brand of the year

In the 1,500 women, the two Spaniards, Esther Guerrero and Marta Pérez, achieved their best personal marks. The Barcelona finished seventh with 4: 07.47, the best Spanish record of the year, and the soriana came next with 4: 07.88. They place third and fifth in the Spanish list of all time on indoor court.

The victory went to the British Jemena Reekie with 4: 04.07, followed by the Ethiopian Dawit Seyaum, who achieved the best record of his career with 4: 04.24.

In 60 meters hurdles, Yidiel Contreras qualified seventh in the final with a clock of 7.98, far from the positions of honor. The British Andrew Pozzi beat with 7.57, five hundredths slower than on February 2 in Paris.

Caridad Jerez did not overcome the series of fences. In the second, he qualified seventh with a mark of 9.41 that closed the way to the final.

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