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Final of the Africa Cup - arc lamp to luck - sport

  • Algeria win the final of the Africa Cup 1-0 against Senegal thanks to an early goal.
  • In France tens of thousands of supporters celebrate the triumph. It remains largely peaceful.
  • Ex-Bayern player Franck Ribéry visited the final in Cairo and went to the final whistle in the Algerian cabin.

For 17 years, Aliou Cissé had to wait until he got the chance to redeem the legendary oath of Bamako, which he had made in 2002 after his missed penalty in the final of the African Cup against Cameroon. He would one day bring the cup to which he had already laid a hand in his country, Cissé had promised then - so now was the time for today's coach Senegals, who with his team the final of the African Cup of Nations in Cairo against Algeria. Cissé again had a hand on the trophy, but the triumph was denied him and his country again: The Africa Champion 2019 comes from Algeria.

17 years, that's almost nine million minutes, and yet it took only a fraction of that time to break Senegal's euphoria over the trainer's oath. It was not until the second minute of the final when Algeria striker Baghdad Bounedjah made a first shot from the edge of the box, which would probably have ended far from the goal. Schalke center-back Salif Sané, however, threw himself into this innocuous shot, falsifying it so that the ball slid down into goal over goalkeeper Alfred Gomis in an almost grotesque parabolic trajectory. The early 1-0 for Algeria did not do the game well, but especially not the Senegalese.

The "Lions of Teranga" had a hard time working against the densely staggered "desert foxes". Algeria, with a few exceptions, managed to keep Senegal out of the penalty area from a low position, destroying the offensive power of Aliou Cissé's team with a notable 32 fouls. Sadio Mané of Liverpool found no means to work out in the first half, his dribbling ended mostly in nothing or with an Algerian foul.

Fans of Algeria celebrate on the Champs-Elysees in front of the triumphal arch.

(Photo: dpa)

Mané would have liked to become the lead actor of this final, probably having met his dream of becoming Africa's Footballer of the Year, but the 27-year-old almost seemed like a reverse Deja-Vu: the final of Africa Cups reminded in many ways of the Champions League final between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur. Even then, the lightweight favorite from Liverpool was early in the lead, even then he could then manage the lead without having to be active themselves.

But as in the European club competition Algeria had earned the title in the end: undefeated marched the North Africans through the group stage, defeated earlier in the tournament Senegal 1-0 and had alone in the quarterfinals, the penalty shootout against the Ivory Coast, fear of progressing. Coach Djamel Belhadi has formed an efficient and clever acting team out of the World Cup first knockout finalists of 2014, who narrowly failed Germany at the time.

In the 61st minute, the agile Ismaila Sarr of Stade Rennes had once prevailed on the right, his cross jumped Adlène Guedioura on the hand and referee Neant Alioum from Cameroon pointed to the point. The 1-1 would have been well earned at this time, but the video referee intervened: Alioum corrected his decision. Guedioura had still tried to put his hand behind the body, no penalty was therefore probably the right decision.

Cissé's team was able to earn in the episode only a few half chances, the best forgave Sarr in a penalty in the penalty area. With the last action of the tournament, the tragic figure of the second minute, Salif Sané, would have been able to rewrite the story of the game by free kick, but his shot did not fall into the net in a crazy curve, but was blocked.

Tens of thousands of supporters of the Algerian national football team celebrated their team's victory in French cities during the night. With motorcades, horn concerts, small fireworks and many Böllern held festivities in cities such as Toulouse, Strasbourg and Marseille. Only occasionally have there been minor clashes with security forces, such as on the Parisian boulevard Champs-Elysées, where rioters were blown away with tear gas. Ex-Bayern player Franck Ribéry visited the Algerian team after the final in the cabin and posted pictures of himself and the players on his Instagram account.

The image that will keep the Senegalese in mind from this finale is one that they know so much from 2002: Aliou Cissé spoke energetically to his team after the final whistle, he encouraged them, he prayed with them. It almost seemed as if the oath of Cairo had been born at this minute.

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