News : Finish a half marathon in 1:06:33 wearing crocs!

News : Finish a half marathon in 1:06:33 wearing crocs!

In the middle of the fight for the best shoe, the most reactive, the one that benefits the most and reduces muscular impact, Benjamin Pachev arrives again to complete the Utah Valley Half Marathon in a time of 1:06:33 Wearing crocs!

There has come a point in the world of athletics where the debate about shoes (both road and spikes) has almost passed ahead of the discussions about talent, about fitness. The world of carbon fiber plates has been a revolution that is pulverizing race after race the best brands in history.

Focused all the spotlights

Benjamin Pachev, who this year became known after participating in a test of 5,000 in Portland (Oregon, USA) stopping the clock at 14:47:62, At 2: 57 / km !, he focused all the spotlights on this half marathon, finishing fourth among more than 2,000 runners. His opponents wore state-of-the-art shoes with studs and carbon plate and Benjamin could not think of anything else than to run at a pace of 3:09 per km with this classic footwear that is used more to be comfortable at home, to go to the beach. or do a little gardening.

Family footwear

It is not the first time that Pachev has competed with the crocs, since he already did it in 2017 to run a half marathon in Indianapolis that he completed in 1h11 ′. His father Sasha also ran that day with crocs (the footwear of the family saga) and made a record of 1h17 ′. Also, that day Benjamin’s sister, Jennifer, ran the 5k test (in crocs, obviously) and stopped the clock at 19:56.

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