News : First confirmed international athletics competition

News :

First confirmed international athletics competition

After an endless string of cancellations and deferrals, it seems that we have before us the first confirmed 'post-confinement' competition in this coronavirus crisis. It will be in one of the least affected areas, the Scandinavian countries. Specifically in Oslo (Norway) and respecting all the rules established at the national level by the pandemic. The ‘Bislett Games’, renamed ‘Impossible Games’ will be spared, if there is no news, 11th June. After the first stages of the Wanda Diamond League have been suspended, the director of the event, Steinard Hoen, the European high jump champion in 1994, has reached an agreement with the authorities to allow him to celebrate the competition by complying, as We said the restrictions imposed in terms of prevention, distance and hygiene.

Respecting the restrictions and with the cream of Scandinavian athletics

"We have had a very positive dialogue with the city of Oslo and the Norwegian Infection Protection Superior in Oslo, and we have been accepted for a concept that is within the infection control requirements from the government, ”he says. “Athletes are hungry for competition and the idea seemed like a great idea. We have looked for a different concept in which we are going to avoid group tests and enhance individual challenges ”.

"Unfortunately, infection control rules make us impossible to have fans in the stadium. We promise to do everything possible to create an excellent event for athletes and a good television program for the public. ” There will be the main hook, the fact that the competition will be broadcast entirely on television. The Bislett stadium, in this way, will host the first renowned event and becomes a halo of hope so that, progressively, we can reopen the world of sports to people. The ‘World Athletics’ will contribute $ 50,000 to allocate to the award for athletes.

Warholm, for the world record of 400

Although efforts are still being made to close the incorporation of some luster athletes by June 11, the truth is that the existing ingredients are already of the highest level:

  • Kartsen Warholm: The double world champion of 400 will seek the World Record of 300 obstacles.
  • The world champion in Doha Daniel Stahl He will face World Cup finalist Simon Pettersson and Norwegian Ola Stunes Isene on disk.
  • Mondo Duplantis, current world record holder in pole vault, will face the Norwegian Sondre Guttormsen in person, while Lavillenie he will join from the track he has at his home in France. Not to be missed.
  • Record 200m hurdle duel between Amalie Iuel and Isabelle Pedersen
  • Karoline Bjerkli will seek the Norwegian Record of 3,000 obstacles in Grete Waitz's possession.
  • Nordic duel between Hedda Hyne and Lovisa Lindh at 600 (properly separated).

The participation of the Ingebrigtsen team, with whom the competition is in negotiations. Without a doubt, a good show so that we can enjoy again (even a little and from a distance) the athletics.

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