News : First fine of 100 euros in Melilla for running without a mask

News : First fine of 100 euros in Melilla for running without a mask

Melilla, first city to fine for running on the street

Yes friends, you read it well. In Spain (specifically in the city of Melilla) Runners who go without a mask have begun to be fined in walking areas and crowded areas. The police of the Autonomous City have begun to apply sanctions in areas where there are other neighbors walking. The Higher Headquarters of the body has notified it and has already reported that “it establishes, among other obligations, prohibitions or limitations, that runners who wish to do so through areas or pedestrian paths with a high population density, must wear the mask correctly positioned ”.

One of the measures to combat the second wave

It is one of the new measures adopted to combat this second wave that is hitting Spain and Europe in general. Something that until now had not been sanctioned, since physical activity outdoors was exempt from the use of a mask. The police spokesman has also indicated that said sanctions “have already begun to be imposed on the Paseo Marítimo, since it is one of the most frequented places for this sport., but also for that reason those with the highest incidence in case of contagion ”. The fines, be careful, they amount up to 100 euros. In fact, the first person sanctioned has already had to face that amount.

Other warnings of the meritorious Melilla have been the following: “the rules are to be met and, among others, in addition to this, it is established in Melilla: permanently wear the mask for everyone over 6 years of age; maintain a safe distance; limitation to 10 people for any activity on public roads, public or private spaces; capacity limitation in the hotel industry to 80%; prohibition of bar consumption ”.

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